From the production floor to the storefront’s shelf, your enterprise labels are constantly safeguarding profits by preserving product information. Retaining composition facts, storage instructions, delivery addresses, and compliance codes, and labels are your inventory’s lifeline to moving effortlessly down the supply chain. That’s why it is important that your consumables be tested to endure not only application environments but also any other challenges that may arise along the way such as rapid assembly lines or cold chain transportation. A few common obstacles to continued label performance include:

  • Sudden changes in temperature – High heat may cause barcodes to fade while icy temperatures can leave behind a layer of frost and block scanners.

  • Chemical and abrasion – Depending on where your labels are going, chemical exposure can cause labels to fade and/or peel.

  • Labeling speed – if adhesives aren’t strong enough, labels must be pressed upon the surface to remain secure, yet fast-paced environments may not have time to do this.

  • Label removal – Whether it be for relabeling purposes or mere product tampering, improper removal destroys product information and can contribute to product shrinkage.

To overcome these challenges, superior printing solutions should provide several label types to secure dependable performance anywhere in the supply chain.

Meet the labels tailored for the modern supply chain

Illustrating the next level of label quality needed in today’s supply chains, Zebra’s Certified Consumables delivers vital adaptability that allows labeling solutions to…

  1. Meet environment goalsEnvironmentally friendly labels are designed to facilitate removal and recycling, reducing the amount of wasted paper and liners. For example, Zebra’s 8000D Dissolvable label disintegrates into small paper fibers when subjected to running water, eliminating waste and time spent peeling off the residual adhesive.

  2. Speed up replenishment cycles – To diminish wait times, Zebra’s ZipShip program enables label delivery of over 40 different kinds of labels within 24 hours from 1 of Zebra’s 4 label converting facilities.

  3. Integrate more codes in less space – Labels can be easily customized to fit 2D codes, or better yet, multiple codes within an RFID framework. All custom labels are made from consistent pre-tested materials to ensure dependable quality.

  4. Target product shrinkageZebra’s 8000D Destructible labels are designed to prevent in-store swapping and costly product shrinkage by self-destroying when tampered with.

When your labels can do more, so can your operations. Join ValuTrack next month, May 5th in our “Meet the Zebra Supply Solutions Tailored for the Modern Supply Chain” webinar as the Zebra experts dive into the exclusive benefits enterprise-ready consumables bring to modern operations. For more information reach out to a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].

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Labels and Supplies

Explore a Wide Variety of Barcode Labels and Printing Supplies

Barcode labels and printing supplies impact everything in your organization from printhead lifespan to operational efficiency. That’s why ValuTrack provides hundreds of pretested labels and supplies from all the major vendors such as Zebra, General Data, and Metalcraft to ensure optimized and consistent printing performance.