With the rise of omnichannel retail, warehouse operations have become more prolific and complex. Long-established identification and tracking systems may not be suitable for today’s dynamic workflows. For example, the distribution powerhouse, Amazon, closed its 2019 fiscal year with a 12% increase in late deliveries. To put that number into perspective, Amazon claims to have shipped over 5 billion items through its Prime program alone in 2017, which if translated to today’s numbers would result in over 8 million late packages. Keep in mind that most distribution and logistics centers (Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc.) have witnessed an increase in orders due to online shopping. While many factors can impact order accuracy, ValuTrack explores the lack of visibility as an underlying source of:

  • Costly bottlenecks
  • Worker confusion
  • Labor turnover
  • Inaccurate orders
ZQ630 Checking Truck Warehouse Visibility

Using the ZQ630 to check Truck Stock

To preserve customer satisfaction and stay ahead of industrial changes, ValuTrack puts together visibility solutions that grow with your workflow while capturing actionable insights from picking to storing to shipping. Whether it be through the integration of smart computers or high-functioning software, warehouse visibility serves as a trusted foundation for consistent productivity and operational efficiency.

Get the Clear Picture with ValuTrack

Built to thrive in the most fast-paced industries, new visibility solutions should be designed to fit seamlessly into modern-day operations. Using Zebra Technologies’ latest line of intelligent devices, our warehousing specialists aim at erasing visibility issues by:

  • Easing complex workflows – Complicated workflows leave room for error as steps may be overlooked. Newer mobile computers simplify workflows by combining multiple functions within one device. For example, Zebra’s rugged TC77 handheld computer serves as both a long-range scanner and a communication device, reducing the need for multiple bulky devices that slow your team down.
  • Building a familiar system – Confusing visibility strategies can heighten the risk of employee turnover since it leads to stress, ultimately reducing the number of workers that keep operations running. Therefore, familiarity is key. To assert employee retention, ValuTrack recommends Android as a familiar and secure operating system that minimizes training time, allowing your team to focus on more important tasks such as inventory tracking.
  • Focusing on mobility – Whether in the warehouse or on the road, mobility enhances visibility as workers can move around more quickly without becoming less productive. Working with 100% WiFi coverage, ValuTrack’s solutions provide access to real-time data that can be implemented as quickly as possible through devices ready to move with your workforce.

Like all the other components in your supply chain, warehouse visibility is key to operational efficiency. Secure more uptime when you speak with ValuTrack’s warehousing specialists. To learn more, contact us at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].