Consumer technology normally undergoes a great deal of performance testing, yet as cracked screens can attest, they may still be inadequate in an enterprise setting. However, even amongst enterprise-grade devices, durability is not a given constant among options. 

As the field service industry continues to grow beyond previously unreached borders, the need for dependable mobility is higher than ever. As a result, field service demands have grown exponentially to keep up with online shopping rates, new delivery schedules, and remote assistance. Fragile mobility exposes your operations to over 600 hours of lost productivity and nearly $17,250 spent in additional operating costs. To avoid these unnecessary expenses, ValuTrack’s mobility experts help outline several key points to note when measuring device durability.

Not all durability standards are the same

Zebras ZQ500 Mobile Printer built with tough technology

Zebras ZQ500 Mobile Printer

Even though your device might meet common durability standards, different environmental challenges -such as heat and humidity- may alter device performance. Consequently, before purchasing your device, evaluate your workflow environment for:

  • Possibilities of drops, tumbles, and vibrations – Not only should devices be able to survive pocket-to-floor distance drops, but they should also be able to endure multiple drops as well as tumbles across the ground. Furthermore, vibration resistance is key when operating devices in trucks, forklifts, and shopping carts. One new device that’s raising the bar in mobility and durability is Zebra’s new ZQ511/21 mobile printers, which can withstand significant drops, shocks, tumbles, and extreme environments commonly associated with field service.

  • Exposure to liquids and moisture – Needless to say, liquids of any kind pose a threat to your devices’ functionality. As field teams venture into rainy/humid areas, devices should have protected USB ports and moisture-resistant touch screens such as Zebra’s Rugged Tablets.

  • Extreme temperature – Working closely with humidity levels, extreme temperatures can damage your devices from the inside out. Most devices may be regulated to survive temperatures between -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, yet truly tough devices must also be able to withstand sudden temperature shifts such as leaving a heated car in a snowy loading dock or cold storage.

Here are ten questions you should ask before purchasing your mobile devices to make sure they are built tough.

ZQ500 Top Ten Questions White-paper

Download the ZQ500 Top Ten Questions White paper today!

Make the Switch

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