MC9300: Your Ticket to Warehouse Automation

The global market is changing. Faster shipping rates, a boom in e-commerce, and various new market demands have spurred warehouses across the globe towards automated workflows. Unlike conventional paper-and-pen systems, automated processes free up your workforce to handle important tasks while ushering in multiple benefits such as:

  • Higher ROI
  • Seamless workflows
  • Reduced error rates
  • Increased employee and customer satisfaction

Partnering with Zebra Technologies, ValuTrack simplifies warehouse automation by providing our clients with the next-generation of mobile computing and data capture technology – Zebra’s ultra-rugged mobile computer, the MC9300

MC9300 Rugged Mobile Computer

MC9300 Rugged Mobile Computer Scanning a Warehouse Label

Combining rugged ergonomics with intelligent software, the MC9300 empowers your workforce with versatile features and faster processing to keep your operations moving towards enterprise success.

From Manual for Modern with Zebra’s MC9300

MC9300 Manual to Modern Warehouse Automation

The MC9300 Helps Make the Move from Manual to Modern Warehouse Automation

In Zebra’s most recent Warehousing Vision Study, over three-quarters of participants are currently attempting to expand worker productivity through warehouse automation. From picking to shipping, the MC9300 maximizes productivity by simplifying repetitive tasks. 

  • Seamless Data Capture – Minimize time spent searching through top shelves with the extended range SE4850, capturing barcodes as far as 70ft away in virtually any condition.
  • Efficient Battery ManagementZebra’s PowerPrecision+ battery keeps your device running longer than previous models. Plus, expand device visibility with PowerPrecision Console to manage your entire battery pool from your mobile device.
  • Augmented Connectivity – Keep your workforce connected through WorryFree WiFi, Zebra’s free long-range connectivity solution preinstalled in every MC9300. Expedite application response times and network diagnostics or create a separate communication channel with pre-licensed PTT Express to access push-to-talk features right out of the box.
  • Longer Endurance – Ultra-rugged casing withstands 8ft drops onto concrete and remains functional in hot and/or cold environments. Plus, with Corning Gorilla Class protecting both its touchscreen and exit window, the MC9300 is prepared for optimal performance even in the toughest environments. Lastly, Zebra’s fortified Android creates a future-proof operating system that increases your device’s total lifespan.

Automation doesn’t have to be difficult. Choose innovation when you speak with ValuTrack to build a cost-effective strategy alongside experts in warehouse technology. To learn more, contact a ValuTrack specialist at 877-686-8187 or [email protected].