Because every operation is unique, ValuTrack builds printing solutions with a variety of printers. However, when it comes to versatility, mobile printers stand apart from the rest thanks to their ability to make workers productive in any place at any time. Studies suggest that warehouse workers can spend up to four hours simply walking throughout the warehouse, which translates to an average of $40 spent per worker per day just on walking. Keep in mind that this value doesn’t factor in bottlenecks and wait times which can accompany most printing stations. 

Zebra ZQ500 Mobile Printer

Zebra ZQ500 Mobile Printer

Unlike industrial and desktop printers –which can also be extremely useful and durable in different circumstances– mobile printers secure uptime throughout the warehouse and in different stages of the supply chain. Working with intelligent solutions for over 30 years, our experts have outlined a few benefits you can expect when you combine mobility and printing performance in one system.

  • Easier set-up for new employees and shift changes – Tap-to-pair features aid in providing seamless integration with your current mobile devices, so your employees can start their shifts with a user-friendly device that’s ready for anything with just a press of a button. More intelligent printers such as Zebra’s ZQ630 further minimize IT burdens by integrating dependable security into your printer’s operating system.  

  • Reduced time costs and energy use – Warehouses generally consume a lot of energy. As a matter of fact, research projects energy costs to compose roughly 15% of total operation costs. By running on long-lasting batteries, mobile printers can help decrease electric costs. Zebra’s Instant Wake-up Over WiFi maximizes savings by entering sleep mode during idle periods, ultimately saving more power.  

  • Lightweight printing that handles field service – Needless to say, industrial printers are not made for field service. On the other hand, mobile printers are able to deliver the same dependable performance on the road, improving dropship and ship-to-order operations where your workforce may need to print labels on the fly. 

  • Secured social distancing – With warehouses facing higher customer demands, bottlenecks at printing stations are only natural, yet as we know, high-density areas may not be safe for workers. Mobile printers prevent printing stations from becoming too crowded, easing workers into fulfilling social distancing requirements without hindering efficiency.

Upgrading to the Mobile Generation

Zebra QLN420 Mobile Printer Warehouse

ValuTrack facilitates upgrades through the GO Zebra Trade-in Program

As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, ValuTrack facilitates upgrades through the GO Zebra Trade-in Program. Get up to $550 in cash rebates per upgraded printer along with:

  • Durable mobile printing that endures rough environments

  • RFID mobile printing

  • PrintSecure to fend off unauthorized access from your printing fleet

  • High-capacity batteries designed to save up to 30% of energy

  • Remote management and user-friendly troubleshooting assistance

GoZebra Brochure Download

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Download flyer to see which printers are currently eligible for an upgrade. 

There are no limits to innovative intelligence. Reach out to our printing specialists today for a free demonstration of Zebra’ rugged mobile printers and the labels to work with each printer. To learn more, contact a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].

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