Here’s a bold statement: Your labels sustain continuous productivity from the manufacturing floor to the final checkout lane. While small, consumables can make or break operational success. Essentially, they serve as your inventory’s voice, communicating with every part of the supply chain. Listed below are six ways labels have proven to be indispensable in today’s workflows:

  1. They can hold valuable KPIs – As the foundation of successful inventory management, consumables contain all your inventory’s information such as SKU numbers, storage location, and shipping instructions. This data can later be converted to discover valuable performance indicators such as frequency of demand, inventory turnover, and rate of returned goods. When cheap labels become illegible, not only do you lose identification information, but you also lose the ability to easily track indicators. 

  2. They directly impact printers’ performance – Rugged printers alone can’t safeguard labeling efficiency. Quality labels are vital to safeguard the printer’s performance, for inferior labels are often grainy, scraping printheads with every run. On the other hand, quality labels are usually preferred due to their smooth coating and looser rolls that minimize residual debris, ultimately reducing downtime and IT visits.  

  3. They ensure your products comply with established guidelines – From food compliances to trade laws, compliance standards are constantly under review. Labels provide an easy-to-manage way to certify products are upholding industry standards to avoid recalls and fees.

  4. They impact brand identity – In an age where time is money, labels have proven crucial in accelerating order fulfillment, saving an average of 2,000 hours per year in streamlined packing slips. Faster order fulfillment helps companies meet new customer demands for faster shipping, ultimately improving customer experiences and brand identity. On the flip side, slower fulfillment speeds not only cost time but customer satisfaction.

Fortify your Operations with Tested Consumables

Fortify Your Operations with Tested Consumables

ValuTrack can help you start organizing your workflows

To start optimizing workflows, ValuTrack recommends starting with the smallest details: your labels. Tested labels, such as Zebra Technologies’ Certified Consumables, secure more uptime with:

  • Temperature-resistant coating that survives under extreme heat and cold

  • Scratch-proof and waterproof sealing to protect barcodes from rugged environments

  • Customizable label size, color, perforations, and RFID inlays all perfected for unique applications and compliance requirements

  • Stronger adhesives that secure label strength without clogging printers or scratching printheads

  • Tamper-evident features to mitigate counterfeits and product contamination

See what makes Zebra Certified Consumables your best option for quality printing by clicking here.

With the 2020 holiday season right around the corner, ValuTrack is ready to help you optimize your operations with tough cost-effective solutions designed to handle higher customer demands. Contact us for a free assessment of your current labeling strategy. To learn more, speak with a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].

Labels and Supplies

Explore Barcode/RFID Labels and Printing Supplies

Barcode/RFID labels and printing supplies impact everything in your organization from printhead lifespan to operational efficiency. That’s why ValuTrack provides hundreds of pretested labels and supplies from all the major vendors such as Zebra, General Data, and Metalcraft to ensure optimized and consistent printing performance.