When it comes to efficient innovation, device intelligence is no longer limited to handhelds and mobile computers. With new complex workflows and multi-touch packing processes, efficient intelligence must be engineered into every system supporting your supply chain, including your printer. Efficient intelligence can lead to:

  • Expanded real-time visibility 
  • Increased mobility that lessens bottlenecks
  • Greater device versatility
  • Greater worker adaptability as devices become easier to learn. 

Research conducted by Zebra Technologies reports that nearly 80% of businesses and warehouses worldwide plan to integrate intelligent technologies into their operations to stay competitive. Expecting a 34% increase in printing investments, Zebra has enhanced its printers an unparalleled layer of elevated intelligence: Link-OS.

Dedicated to enterprise success, ValuTrack is taking a closer look at how printing software such as Link-OS empowers printer performance. From dependable security to boosted productivity, intelligent printing software equips your operations with the indispensable reliability dynamic operations need today.

Link-OS, Print DNA, and More – The Opportunities are Endless

ZQ630 Link-OS Office Delivery Truck

ZQ630 and Link-OS

Strengthening connectivity and productivity simultaneously, Link-OS delivers maximized print performance as it integrates a powerful suite of print applications while accommodating versatile barcode-creation software. Based on our customer’s unique needs, ValuTrack develops an innovative printing solution with:

  • Print DNA — Integrate productivity, visibility, management, and development tools into your existing infrastructure to heighten performance alongside lowered training curves and easy remote management.
  • PrintSecure — Configure and secure your printer’s connection to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and network vulnerabilities.
  • Teklynx — Integrate versatility from a labeling software that fits your device requirements, delivering labels that meet application standards.

While there are many more optimization software to explore, we recommend taking the first step and upgrading your printer through the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. From now until December 31st, upgrade your printer from any manufacturer for cash rebates up to $550. Experience the world of intelligent printing with the next generation of Zebra printers —the ZT421 and ZT411.   

For the past 30 years, our warehousing specialists have been committed to integrating the best solutions designed to meet your needs and exceed expectations. To witness the power of Link-OS in action, contact us for a free demonstration. For more information about intelligent software or the GO Zebra Trade-In Program, speak with us at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].