Inaccurate orders, inefficient operations, and unsatisfied customers are some of the dire consequences of an inferior labeling system. Unsuited for dynamic supply chains and growing industries, inadequate labels hinder warehouse visibility, leaving room for costly errors and downtime. Whether it be a wrongly packed order or a laborious delivery route, ineffective labels can also strain customer and employee satisfaction. To alleviate labeling errors without increasing labor efforts, ValuTrack builds feasible automation strategies using the latest RFID tracking solutions from Zebra Technologies.

Nothing is Perfect…Unless it’s Automated

MC9300 Labeling Manufacturing Shelf

MC9300 Scanning Labeling Manufacturing Shelf

Unlike conventional barcodes, Zebra’s certified RFID labels can hold up to a hundred times more information in one tag, transmitting more real-time data in one scan. When it comes to speed and efficiency, even the best barcodes can’t compare to automated RFID systems. From picking to shipping, RFID technology bolsters visibility, elevating operations to a new standard of productivity.

  • Tackle inventory shrinkage on a visible landscape – Long-lasting labels remain legible beyond the moment of application, preserving asset visibility as inventory travels through tough environments.
  • Cut down improper stocking to eliminate expenses – When inventory isn’t visible, you run the risk of overstocking products, leading to depreciated assets and wasted space. RFID technology can eliminate this issue by providing real-time inventory count, accessible via your mobile device. 
  • Optimize pick paths with on-the-go tracking – Tracking moving assets with the utmost precision, Zebra’s RFID readers can help create optimized picking pathways to eliminate unnecessary travel times. 
  • Secure picking accuracy before assets reach the loading dock – Equipped with actionable data before assets reach the delivery truck, you can expect satisfied customers and employees with more accurate orders. Further, certify accuracy at the loading dock with Zebra’s MC3390R RFID reader by scanning your shipment once more before it leaves the warehouse.
  • Simplify compliance standards with minimal confusion – Since RFID technology can retain more information and augment visibility, managing government compliance becomes easier as documentation can be readily accessed through one label.

Providing a complete end-to-end solution, ValuTrack also recommends evaluating your appropriate software of choice before deploying your RFID solution. Compatible with Zebra’s rugged RFID devices, TEKLYNX offers the most customizable options regarding label management to ensure accuracy as operations grow larger and more complex.

As a Zebra Premier Business Partner, ValuTrack gathers all the essential tools you need to eliminate inefficient operations. Simplify productivity with a customized solution tailored to your needs. Contact our labeling specialist to see if RFID best fits your enterprise. To learn more, contact us at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].