Just because something works does not mean it shouldn’t be innovated. As Albert Einstein reportedly said, “the sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”. Intelligent efficiency hinges on continuous creativity and innovation. It’s principles such as these that have led up to Zebra’ newest generation of industrial printers: the ZT411 and ZT421. Building upon the strength of former RFID Zebra printers, the new ZT400 Series creates on-demand RFID metal-compatible labels, not only revolutionizing your labeling system but your entire tracking strategy as well.

While traditional labels are still extremely valuable in securing order accuracy, RFID technology facilitates asset tracking throughout the supply chain, even beyond the warehouse. However, read performance is generally impaired when it comes to metal and liquid surfaces. That’s where the ZT400 comes in handy. As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, ValuTrack uncovers the newest benefits packed within Zebra’s newest printers and how they can reshape the most basic operations.

Take Every Run a Step Further with the ZT400 Series

ZT400 Series Printer on Desk Printing Label

ZT400 Series Printer on Desk Printing Label

At its core, printing operations are relatively straightforward. Media is loaded in a printer which later produces labels or tags to be stuck onto your assets. Simple in nature, it may be hard to imagine how an industrial printer can innovate operations since the goal of a printer never really changes. Nevertheless, Zebra’s new RFID printers prove innovation can fit anywhere.

  • Unmatched durability – Tested for 24/7 functionality in the toughest landscapes, ZT400 printers secure more uptime with a rugged exterior that prevents dust from damaging its interior. Enhanced protection is extended into its printing software with PrintSecure, which protects data and printing infrastructure from unwanted access.  
  • Easy installation and maintenance – Practically plug-and-play, the ZT400 eliminates time spent on overbearing configurations. Committed to a simplified user-experience, add-on tools can be installed without on-site technicians, giving your team the freedom to adapt to technology as needed.
  • Increased variety – With pretty much every kind of connectivity option (Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi, etc.) available, your printer stays accessible at all times. Plus, experience the results of flexibility with on-demand RFID capabilities and productive Print DNA, so your printer can meet any application requirement without superfluous infrastructure changes.

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Rugged as its predecessors, the new ZT400 Series fits various application requirements, equipping warehouses with a versatile printing option that adapts to changing needs. Experience the edge of innovation when you contact ValuTrack’s printing experts. To learn more, contact us at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].