Zebra Printing Supplies – It’s estimated that labeling supplies account for less than a fifth of whole operational costs. However, poor-quality labels can be responsible for wrongly-shipped items, printer jams, improper inventory storage, and other damaging consequences that impact profitability. To prevent these negative effects from entering your supply chain, ValuTrack teamed up with Zebra Technologies to uncover the benefits that quality consumables bring to the modern-day warehouse.  

Operating within smaller delivery timeframes, modern order fulfillment has no time for bottlenecks and inconsistent productivity – Zebra Printing Supplies. As a result, competitive labeling supplies such as Zebra’s Certified Printing Supplies can empower businesses with:

  1. Tested durability – All Zebra consumables are stringently tested through a 23-point inspection to verify durability in high heat, cold temperatures, and abrasive, humid, and dusty environments. 

  2. Specifications that match operational needs – Labels can be readily customized to match application and storage locations to prevent early fading or peeled edges, which slow down the scanning process.

  3. Facilitated tracking – Durable RFID tags minimize printing expenses by consolidating over forty codes within one label. Moreover, tags do not require a line of sight to be read, further accelerating order processing.

  4. Fast replenishment – Zebra’s ZipShip program eliminates wait times by keeping several quality labels in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours since labels are sourced from one of four label-converting facilities across the U.S.

  5. Cost-effective temperature monitoring – In addition to RFID Tracking, Zebra’s temperature monitoring labels and sensors assist cold chains in tracking inventory temperature to mitigate spoilage and recalls. Bluetooth-enabled sensors are able to extend visibility by monitoring temperatures of in-transit products outside of the warehouse and updating databases via the cloud.  

  6. Increased printer longevity – Lastly, quality consumables leave less debris within the printer, which prevents adhesive buildup, jams, and eventual downtime as printheads are worn down. By exclusively using Zebra’s quality consumables, you can increase printer longevity and stop premature printhead failures. When printheads need to be substituted, Zebra offers free replacements through the Printhead Protection Program for maximized printer longevity. 

Expect nothing but consistent quality from every run with Zebra’s Certified Labels. 

By eliminating inferior labels from modernized data capture systems, businesses can begin to establish:

  • Seamless order processing with minimal wait times

  • Reduced instances of bottlenecks near printing stations

  • More successful first-time scans thanks to resilient label surfacing

  • Environmentally conscious labeling system

Elevate your operations with labels that are committed to efficiency, inventory visibility, and faster order processing. Begin assessing your labels’ performance when you schedule a free assessment with ValuTrack. To learn more, contact a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].

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