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Tackle Cold Storage Challenges With The Hottest Suppliers Around

ClimaTrack delivers automated proactive monitoring for cold storage warehouses, manufacturers and transportation companies concerned with tracking real-time temperature and humidity levels to ensure their goods meet the highest standards of quality and safety for their clientele. We enable users to establish per sensor thresholds, monitor multiple sites simultaneously, receive alerts should a problem occur, print reports, and more.  ClimaTrack is your 24/7, 365 human error-free solution to protecting your investments.

Monitoring and Managing Cold Storage Facilities

Managing cold storage facilities is not the easiest of propositions. In addition to the seemingly endless list of challenges that go along with managing any type of storage facility – labor, storage, logistics, accountability, inventory, and more – you’ve got to ensure regulated temperatures are consistently met and documented. Plus, you’ve got to do it all in the cold.

While the food industry is most commonly associated with cold storage, it is also a vital part of other industries as well, such as pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals. Even high-tech electronics use cold storage as well. And one of the biggest responsibilities of managing a cold storage warehouse is monitoring the facility’s temperature. Any unwanted fluctuations in temperature might cause damage to the goods or products in the warehouse. Maintaining the correct temperature and product environment is a critical success factor in the supply chain for everyone involved from the manufacturer and shipper through to the end customer. And helping cold storage facility managers do just that is the technology solution professionals at ValuTrack.

ValuTrack – Your Cold Storage Solutions Partner

Since 1989, ValuTrack has been helping improve our customers’ operations by providing complete solutions – Hardware, Software, Supplies, and Services – to help them become more productive and more profitable. Our end-to-end solutions help businesses build smarter, real-time facilities, which boost productivity and growth. And when it comes to designing high-performance, dependable mobile solutions for use in the cold chain requires ValuTrack provides deep technical expertise in mobile devices, plus proven knowledge of environmental and user requirements.

We’re proud to offer our own solutions combined with devices from our best-of-breed manufacturing partners.

ClimaTrack – A ValuTrack Cold Chain Monitoring Solution

ClimaTrack is an easy-to-use, application that enables you to monitor and manage both temperature and humidity across all of your cold storage facilities from a single dashboard. This real-time monitoring solution alerts you should a problem occur within any of your extreme cooler, refrigerator, chiller, or freezer storage facilities. Using small wireless sensors, the system provides in-depth record retention and data analytics. The kind of information necessary for management to make operational improvements and ensure product safety and security.

Zebra Technologies – Best-of-Breed Supplier of Cold Storage Solutions

ValuTrack has a long-standing relationship with Zebra Technologies and is proud to help create custom solutions for a wide variety of verticals. When it comes to cold storage technology, Zebra stays ahead of the curve by creating specialized devices that can operate in colder/freezer environments. These products (mobile computers, printers, tablets, etc.) are able to handle cold temperatures as well as constant movement between different temperature zones and changing levels of humidity.

We also partner with Zebra to provide our customers with electronic temperature sensors that wirelessly monitor the environments containing temperature-sensitive products. The EDGE™ family of sensors provides wireless temperature tracking, mobile connectivity, and data-sharing for temperature-sensitive products such as drugs, biologics, vaccines, and medical devices. For use in production, storage, and shipment, EDGE devices let you log and retrieve data through packing materials, containers, trucks, cold equipment, and temperature-controlled rooms without jeopardizing environmental integrity.

Managing cold storage facilities is hard enough. ValuTrack can help solve some of the monitoring challenges you’re currently facing and help you move to the next level. Our experience, personal approach, and ability to deliver value is why ValuTrack is a trusted business partner to some of the world’s largest organizations. Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization achieve its performance goals.

Explore Our Environmental Sensor Portfolio

Wirelessly monitor your environmentally sensitive products throughout the entire shipping and storing process.
Monitor temperature-sensitive products across cold chain logistics from manufacturer to distributor, and hospital, clinic or pharmacy to the patient or end user.
Visual indicators for products such as injectable medications, adhesives and sealants require refrigeration to maintain their efficacy.
Print detailed asset information and barcodes next to a sensor that visually indicates when the asset has suffered a tempterature excursion that may compromise its quality.

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