At face value, your bin of 10-year-old mobile computers might just seem like a bin of outdated reliable technology. However, the reality is much more exciting as legacy devices carry more opportunities than you imagine. For example, studies suggest that e-waste can hold up to 80 times more gold than a gold mine, yet most electronic waste never finds its way to the proper hands. Instead, most devices end up stored in tucked-away shelves and bins, or -in the event, they are disposed- they end up contributing to the growing amounts of discarded electronics in landfills, leading to mercury spills, ground poisoning, and higher pollution rates. With over 20 million metric tons of e-waste thrown out worldwide, ValuTrack is stepping alongside longtime innovation partner, Zebra Technologies, to facilitate proper recycling and help you leverage your outdated tech for clean, seamless modernization.

Go Green with GO Zebra

While your old technology may provide the best ease-of-use, a seamless upgrade opens doors to:

  • User-friendly touchscreen interfaces that minimize data entry times and facilitate onboarding for the next generation of workers.
  • Easy OS migration to Android, where new applications can fit into an adaptive ecosystem.
  • Omnidirectional and long-range data capture that enhances order accuracy.
  • Versatile devices that streamline order processing, connectivity, and inventory management through one platform.
  • Durable mobile devices that withstand the strains of field service, cold storage, and other tough environments.
Upgrade your Technology to the MC9300

Upgrade your Technology to the MC9300

But the benefits don’t stop there. In addition to resources and modernized capabilities, your legacy devices can also yield cashback rebates up to $650 per device when upgraded through three simple steps:

  1. Purchase your purpose-built eligible device 
  2. Submit your reclaim form within 90 days of the invoice date
  3. Trade-in your legacy devices from any manufacturer with Valutrack

Download our brochure here to review program eligibility. 

Simply put, upgrading your devices is a seamless transition from better to best with ValuTrack. See how you can enhance your competitive advantage with a tailored and affordable modernization strategy when you contact us for a free demonstration. To learn more, contact a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].