What’s the difference between Workforce Connect PPT Pro and Voice? Well, connectivity has always been the centerpiece in harnessing team collaboration. As supply chains become more intricate to meet demands, regulations, and technological advancements, securing sustainable connectivity and communication channels becomes all the more crucial and difficult. Delivery teams traveling farther may not have access to connectivity networks, eliminating real-time visibility from their workflows. Growing warehouses may struggle to add new communication devices or network lines to their budget. To unify the workforce without extensive infrastructure changes ValuTrack explores the different benefits of Zebra’s Workforce Connect communication solution. 

Why Workforce Connect?

Integrated directly onto your Zebra handheld device, Workforce Connect provides much needed versatility to dynamic operations. Mobile computers and tablets can now further enhance worker performance by providing real-time access to routing changes, supply chain disruptions, and delivery changes. Plus, Workforce Connect adapts to your needs through two different modes:

1. Workforce Connect Voice
To facilitate quicker team response times, Workforce Connect Voice substitutes common desk phones while enabling on-the-fly conferencing based on preset groups. Moreover, voice-controlled apps can also be integrated as vocal commands through Voice to accelerate workflows. Lastly, Voice enables interface customization for individual users to facilitate onboarding in high-turnover industries such as retail. 

2. Workforce Connect Push-to-Talk Pro
When communication must be maintained outside of the four walls, Workforce PPT Pro delivers safe communication channels with secured text messaging, support for image texts, and enterprise-class PPT capabilities deployed onto your handheld device. Create group calls with up to 250 subscribers and view user location at a glance through one interface.

The second piece to designing a Zebra-powered connectivity solution would be to select a mobile device that best suits your workflow. Because we offer an extensive portfolio of devices, we recommend setting up a free workflow evaluation to pinpoint which handheld device best suits your needs and goals. To learn more, contact a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].

PPT Pro Vs. Voice.

Explore Zebra Workforce Connect 

Give your on-site teams a single execution and communication system for all projects, activities, tasks and messages. Put answers at the fingertips of frontline employees and by connecting people, data and workflows for a smarter, more responsive operation. You can count on improved employee collaboration and enhanced customer service with Workforce Connect’s fully scalable suite of communication tools.