Not every solution is built with adaptability in mind. A mere twenty years ago, warehouses relied heavily on manual data entry as well as numerous employees to pick, pack, and ship assets. Now, at the start of a brand-new decade, the effects of modernized automation are clear through reduced manual entries, optimized labor efficiency, and intelligent software. However, efficient technology must go beyond innovation and integrate flexibility if it desires to thrive with new market trends.

Specializing in innovative warehousing for over three decades, ValuTrack integrates adaptive technology to empower operations today and tomorrow. Utilizing TEKLYNX flexible labeling software and Zebra’s intuitive technology, our warehousing specialists create a seamless labeling solution that grows alongside your business by accommodating new requirements and cost-effective upgrades.

TEKLYNX + Zebra Technologies = Unprecedented Optimization

Zebra ZT400 Unprecedented Optimization Solution

Zebras ZT400 Unprecedented Optimization Solution

Quality hardware demands quality software. Enhancing productivity from the inside out, ValuTrack combines TEKLYNX’s enterprise-grade labeling software with Zebra’s versatile line of printers, giving your workforce:

  • Greater Financial Flexibility – Prioritizing both your labeling environment and budget, TEKLYNX enables companies to select either annual subscription licensing or one-time purchase perpetual licensing. Print customized labels to an unlimited number of printers at no extra charge for label design applications.
  • Seamless Integration and Compliance – Compliance requirements change frequently, which is why we design solutions that fit multiple use cases, complying with GHS for chemical safety, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, and other legal requirements that can affect your business. 
  • Simplified Workflows – Efficient software minimizes wasteful labor, streamlines operations, and maximizes traceability, all ultimately increasing staff efficiency and functionality.

Further strengthen your labeling system with a faster, smarter, and reliable printer that works as hard as your workforce. Engineered with quality and adaptability in mind, Zebra’s latest line of printers can take the power of TEKLYNX’s software throughout the four walls with:

Zebra ZT410 Solution Printer using Teklynx Printer Drivers

Zebra ZT410 Solution Printer using Teklynx Printer Drivers

  • High-Performing Desktop Printers – Providing intuitive application flexibility, Zebra’s ZD620 printers eliminate the guesswork out of deployment while delivering faster print speeds and quality prints right at your desktop.
  • Efficient Industrial Printers – Zebra’s latest ZT400 Series redefine versatility with on-metal RFID printing, easy media-loading, and maintenance that simplifies printer maintenance with fewer bottlenecks and IT visits.
  • Advanced Mobile Printers – Expect instant availability on-the-go with the industry’s only Wake-Up over WiFi that preserves battery life for continuous productivity from the dock to door. 
  • Native Printer Drivers – Ensure efficient WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) printing on all Zebra printers with TEKLYNX printer drivers. Get a closer look by staring a free 30-day software trial with ValuTrack.

Start the decade with best-in-class technology when you upgrade legacy devices from any manufacturer through the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. To learn more, contact a printing specialist today.

As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner and a TEKLYNX Value Added Reseller, ValuTrack provides complete end-to-end solutions tailored to your current workflow as well as your company’s future goals. To develop an optimization solution that best fits your workflow, contact us at 877-484-8187 or [email protected]