STG “Systems Technology Group” Is Born

In 1989, Richard Steinhoff founded the Systems Technology Group (STG). STG started off as a system integrator, software developer, and distributor of quality barcode labeling and data collection systems. The goal of STG was to provide turnkey solutions enhancing your business productivity through our automated labeling and data collection solutions.

Focuses of STG:

  • System Engineering

  • Solutions Development

  • System Integration

  • Technology Support

Original Solutions Tree Graphic


STG Rebranded to ValuTrack Corporation

In 2004, economic hardship and the recession hit the manufacturing industry hard. With supply chains slowing down and hardware difficult to come by, STG was forced to rethink its strategy. The result that came from this was for STG to rebrand itself to ValuTrack. The rebrand also came with a refreshed solutions portfolio that began to focus more on providing intuitive software for organizations that enabled them to better track their operations.

“ValuTrack has the vision, creativity, and technological aptitude to properly assess your business needs and then design a solution using the latest applications and devices from one of our many strategic technology partners.”

Focuses of ValuTrack in 2004:

  • Auto-ID

  • Security

  • Networking

  • Professional Services

Article about ValuTrack from The Boston Globe on March 23, 2004

2023 – Present

ValuTrack Today and Looking into the Future

Today we are a leading provider of end-to-end barcoding, networking, security, and loT solutions for performance-driven organizations nationwide. Our in-depth industry-specific experience, leading-edge technology solutions and services, and top-notch customer support provide transformational and scalable business solutions that deliver greater ROI and outstanding value.

We are proud of our 30+ year history and look forward to continue providing our customers with the latest and greatest technology solutions.

Focuses of ValuTrack Today:

  • Barcoding/RFID

  • Networking

  • Enterprise Security

  • Internet of Things

  • Professional Services