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Achieve unmatched visibility, protection, and threat detection across the Extended IoT (XIoT) – OT, IoT, BMS, IoMT and more in your environment. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that encompass a range of services including network security, endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and vulnerability management. With a focus on comprehensive security strategies and tailored solutions, you can trust ValuTrack to enable your organization to mitigate risks, enhance its security posture, and maintain a strong defense against evolving cyber threats.
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Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Performance-Driven Businesses

Trusted by the U.S. government and the world’s largest enterprises across all industries, Claroty helps customers reveal, protect, and manage their OT, IoT, BMS and XIoT assets. Claroty provides comprehensive platforms for industrial, healthcare and commercial environments that connect seamlessly with existing infrastructures and programs while providing a full range of controls for visibility, threat detection, risk management, and secure remote access. It is our mission to secure the technologies and operations that sustain our lives by providing unmatched visibility, protection and threat detection across all cyber-physical systems.
At ValuTrack, we take cybersecurity seriously and offer robust solutions to protect businesses from evolving cyber threats. Our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions provide businesses with peace of mind and ensure the safety of their valuable data and assets. We understand the importance of safeguarding sensitive information, and our tailored solutions address the unique cybersecurity needs of each client. From network security and vulnerability assessments to data encryption and access controls, we deploy advanced technologies and industry best practices to mitigate risks and prevent unauthorized access.
Our expert team works closely with businesses to design and implement comprehensive cybersecurity strategies, providing ongoing monitoring and support to stay one step ahead of potential threats. We’ll help empower your businesses to focus on core operations, knowing that your digital infrastructure is secure and protected.
Our team will enable your organization to reveal, protect, and manage its OT, IoT, BMS and XIoT assets.
  • Asset Discovery: You can’t protect what you can’t see — which is why our asset discovery capabilities are foundational to your cyber resilience.
  • Network Protection: We help you sustain cyber resilience by fortifying your environment with notoriously tough-to-implement components of effective network protection.
  • Vulnerability and Risk Management: A key barrier to cyber resilience, vulnerabilities are prevalent in all cyber-physical systems. We banish this barrier from your environment.
  • Threat Detection: Since no environment is immune to threats, we empower you to detect and respond to them immediately and effectively.

Explore Cybersecurity Solutions

Effective industrial cybersecurity starts with knowing the connectivity paths in your network as well as what needs to be secured. The Claroty Platform reveals and protects all OT, IoT, and IIoT assets within the network while automatically detecting the earliest indicators of threats to those assets via proprietary detection technologies.
Leading in healthcare IoT security around the world, Medigate gives you the power to secure the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) by delivering unmatched visibility, protection, and threat detection for all connected organizations via one comprehensive solution, dedicated to Healthcare and Life Sciences Environments.

Why Invest In Cybersecurity For Your Industrial Environment?

Investing in cybersecurity for industrial environments is essential to protect against cyberattacks that can cause significant damage to critical infrastructure, resulting in production downtime, loss of sensitive data, and even physical harm to employees. Industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) environments are increasingly becoming targets for cybercriminals due to their vulnerabilities and lack of security protocols.
  • Increased protection: Cybersecurity measures can help protect against unauthorized access and cyberattacks by detecting and mitigating potential threats before they can cause damage.
  • Improved compliance: Regulatory requirements such as NIST, IEC, and ISA demand specific security protocols for industrial environments. Investing in cybersecurity can ensure compliance with these regulations.
  • Reduced downtime: A cybersecurity breach can result in significant downtime, causing production delays and lost revenue. By investing in cybersecurity, companies can minimize the risk of downtime and maintain operations.
  • Protection of sensitive data: Industrial environments often handle sensitive data such as intellectual property, trade secrets, and confidential customer information. Cybersecurity measures can help protect this information from unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Enhanced reputation: Cybersecurity breaches can result in negative publicity and damage a company’s reputation. By investing in cybersecurity, companies can demonstrate their commitment to security and protect their reputation.

Cybersecurity Services

We offer market-leading cybersecurity services as well as cloud-based next-generation antivirus software providing comprehensive 24/7 coverage with integrated threat intelligence and immediate response securing your assets, network, and environment in real-time. We will sit down with you and formulate a plan that provides your organization visibility, protection, and threat detection enabling you to secure any OT, IT, and XIoT environment, big or small.

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