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Capture What Matters Most, Quickly and Accurately

Capture What Matters Most, Quickly and Accurately

Barcode scanners help your workers capture what matters most, quickly and accurately. Whether you need barcode scanning on the manufacturing production line, in the aisles of your warehouse, at the patient bedside, or at your retail POS, we have a scanner that’s right for your environment and your application.
Our general-purpose handheld scanners are designed for versatility so that they can meet a wide range of scanning needs, industries, applications, and budgets.
Meet the line of corded and cordless ultra-rugged scanners that defined the market – establishing new standards for rugged design, scanning performance, and manageability.
Improve patient safety and increase caregiver productivity with our healthcare barcode scanners — designed specifically for hospitals and healthcare providers.
Fixed mount scanners enable high-performance and speed, hands-free scanning of virtually any barcode on any surface. Perfect for the POS, these devices can be integrated into a wide variety of applications or used standalone.
Deliver a superior checkout experience for cashiers and shoppers in high-volume cashier-manned and self-checkout POS lanes with multi-plane 1D/2D imager. With an optional color camera, you can develop exciting new applications that deliver major benefits.
Interactive kiosks are designed to give your customers a more free and seamless retail experience while providing guaranteed security and a long lifecycle.
Companion Barcode Scanners
Companion Scanners enable enterprises to easily implement 1D/2D barcode scanning where mobility is needed most.
We provide a barcode scanning solution that enables workers the ability to do hands-free operations, improving their mobility and efficiency.

Benefits of Barcode Tracking

Barcode technology has been widely adopted by many industries around the world. It involves the use of a barcode scanner to read information stored in a barcode, which can then be used for a variety of purposes such as inventory tracking, product identification, and data collection. Barcode tracking offers a range of benefits for businesses looking to streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and improve overall efficiency in various industries.
  • Increased efficiency: Dramatically increase efficiency by allowing for quick and accurate data entry. This can help businesses to process orders, track inventory, and perform other tasks more quickly and with fewer errors.
  • Reduced errors: Barcode scanning virtually eliminates human error when entering data manually. This can save time and money by reducing the need for rework and preventing costly mistakes.
  • Improved inventory control: Enable real-time tracking of inventory, allowing businesses to maintain accurate inventory records and avoid stockouts or overstocking.
  • Enhanced data management: Barcode scanning enables businesses to capture large amounts of data quickly and accurately, which can help to improve decision-making processes and enhance overall data management.
  • Increased visibility: Provide greater visibility into business operations, enabling businesses to track shipments, monitor production, and manage inventory more effectively.
  • Cost savings: Reduce labor costs associated with manual data entry and inventory tracking, as well as minimize the costs associated with errors and inefficiencies.

Explore Barcode Scanning Solutions

Enhance operational efficiency, rapid data capture, and real-time asset tracking with Barcode Tracking Systems.
Gain real-time visibility and control over assets and inventory through valuable insights and data analytics.
Robust inventory management solutions that empower businesses to optimize their inventory control processes.
The largest selection of barcode and RFID labels, tags, ribbons, wristbands and much more on the market.
Track the real-time status of jobs and labor empowering managers to make smarter decisions.
A wide range variety of solutions that streamline the order fulfillment process for warehouses and distribution centers.

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