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Positive patient ID, clinical mobility, and healthcare intelligence solutions enhance patient safety, the productivity of hospital staff, and he efficiency of your operations. From patient wristbands and anti-microbial coated mobile computers to asset tracking software and 100% WLAN coverage, ValuTrack has all the solutions today’s health facilities require to deliver the best possible patient experience.

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Healthcare staff and administration need real-time visibility to make the best decisions in all areas of the healthcare facility. Our solutions provide needed visibility to enhance patient safety, improve operational efficiency and optimize your IT investment. Talk to us about utilizing barcode technology to positively identify patients as well as track medical equipment and medications throughout the hospital.

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We are providers of the industry’s first and leading dedicated Healthcare IoT security platform, enabling healthcare providers to safely deliver connected care. Fusing a deep understanding of medical workflows and proprietary protocols with the reality of today’s cybersecurity threats, Medigate helps hospitals confidently connect and operate all clinical assets on their network while ensuring patient privacy and safety.

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Empower healthcare workers to give patients a better experience, in solving problems, seeking assistance, and locating equipment and nurses. We provide healthcare headset systems that enable teams to talk hands-free in the OR and adjacent rooms – no raised voices nor straining to hear, just clear, calm communication between every member of the team, reducing stress and creating a better working environment.

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Whether you need to monitor cumulative heat exposure temperature, threshold heat events, freeze events, or a combination, we provide a wide range of time-temperature indicators for temperature-sensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. Trust us to monitor high-value products with highly effective irreversible and reversible indicators that support a variety of stability profiles.

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From detailed solution design to consistent maintenance services, expect more from your modernization strategy with ValuTrack.

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