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RFID Labels and Tags

A successful RFID solution requires a high-performing thermal label and inlay. ValuTrack is your trusted expert in all things RFID. We offer end-to-end RFID solutions – including pre-tested RFID labels and tags made with the right materials and adhesives, along with the highest-performing inlays and chips – customized for your application. Choose from the widest selection of in-stock items, ready to ship within 24 hours or we can manufacture a solution to meet the requirements of your application.

RFID Labels and Tags

RFID enables you to scale a large number of tags simultaneously, without requiring a line of sight. RFID requires less human intervention than standard barcoding, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. We provide certified supplies that consistently meet the mark with outstanding quality, performance and service, so you always have complete visibility over your operations.

Certified Inlays

We provide certified inlays that have been pre-tested to ensure industry-leading performance and low instances of printer voids. Read range performance has been characterized on multiple surface types using industry-standard Voyantic Tagformance test equipment. They feature the best-performing chips to support a variety of general-purpose, advanced, and specialty application requirements. The inlay position has been tested in Zebra industrial, desktop and mobile printers to ensure reliable encoding.

Printing and Encoding Services

Our RFID Printing and Encoding Service provides serialized pre-printed and encoded RFID supplies to your specifications to support pilots and compliance needs.
  • ZipShip in-stock offering of RFID labels available in the most common sizes and label materials or we can create a custom solution for you.
  • Standard label formats to support common asset tag needs or provide us exactly what you want printed and encoded on the label.

Enduring Performance

In addition to choosing the correct RFID inlay and label, inlay placement is critical for success. Every RFID label and tag we provide is pre-test with readers and printers to ensure industry-leading performance. And, we offer you the latest generation of chips and the same label material from order to order to safeguard consistency and quality.

Ready to Apply

With over 50 ZipShip items in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours, as well as our RFID Printing and Encoding Service, you can quickly conduct a pilot and implement an RFID solution to realize efficiencies sooner, without the long lead times or large minimum order quantities typical with many other RFID label convertors.

Solutions for Most Applications

We can provide you with a customized RFID labeling solution to meet the requirements of your application. Our customization includes any label size and configuration, with pre-printed color floodcoats, graphics and logos on over 100 pre-tested thermal materials, including any inlay and IC from all the leading brands.

Getting Started with RFID from Zebra

Laboratory Labeling Solutions significantly impact the quality of care healthcare providers give patients. High-quality laboratory labeling solutions facilitate accurate diagnosis and proper treatments for the correct patients. Ineffective labels can cause diagnostic errors, wrong treatment, misidentified specimens, re-draw costs, and reduced productivity.

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RFID Tag Selection and Placement Services

Deploying RFID leads to higher levels of efficiency, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. We can help you select the tag ideally suited for your worksite conditions while delivering the required performance to meet your business needs. From tag selection to placement, trust the experienced our team to assist you with all of your RFID needs.

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