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Environmental Sensors

Reimagine supply chain visibility with cutting-edge environmental sensors that see more and can tell you a lot more. From ready-to-use to thermal printable indicators, to electronic sensors that wirelessly monitor your environmentally sensitive products, your one-stop shop for complete cold chain and related solutions has you covered.
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Wirelessly monitor your environmentally sensitive products throughout the entire shipping and storing process.
Print detailed asset information and barcodes next to a sensor that visually indicates when the asset has suffered a tempterature excursion that may compromise its quality.
Monitor temperature-sensitive products across cold chain logistics from manufacturer to distributor, and hospital, clinic or pharmacy to the patient or end user.
Visual indicators for products such as injectable medications, adhesives and sealants require refrigeration to maintain their efficacy.
Visual indicators for when blood products, plasma, and RBCs have reached or exceeded 6°C or 10°C to ensure compliance.
Fresh-Check food temperature indicators provide a visual indication when subjected to temperatures that can impact freshness.

View Your Business Differently

Leveraging the temperature monitoring expertise of Temptime’s chemists and material scientists along with our history of track and trace technology, we’re reimagining supply chain monitoring—bringing insights into environmental exposure with innovative and cost-effective sensors. With Temptime you can easily gain visibility into the factors impacting each product across the supply chain, along with providing insight into product quality, care, and viability. ValuTrack provides comprehensive solutions to identify and act on products that have exceeded their exposure parameters—driving smarter business decisions, reduced waste and increasing efficiency.

Monitor Temperature-Sensitive Products

Temptime enables customers to gain visibility into the temperature exposure of products—medications, vaccines, and others—with a simple card or self-adhesive indicator. Trust our solutions to monitor high-value products with highly effective permanent and reversible indicators that support a variety of stability profiles, manufactured by Temptime. Ready-to-use indicators reveal excursions of products exposed to excessive heat or freeze events, improve process efficiency, and protect margins due to products inadvertently exposed to damaging conditions.

Adding Environmental Insight to Asset Identification

Imagine printing detailed asset information and barcodes on demand next to an environmental sensor that changes color to visually indicate when the asset has suffered an excursion or has not been properly processed, which may compromise its quality. Our all-in-one customizable solution integrates within existing workflows. From permanent and reversible indicators, printable on direct thermal and thermal transfer paper, as well as on synthetic label and tag materials, a variety of options are available to meet specific application requirements.

Environmental Sensors from Zebra Technologies

Check out Zebra’s latest product category to track and trace with environmental sensors and ready-to-use indicators to make sure your products have stayed within the given temperature ranges. Empowering your frontline employees, these indicators ensure your products have maintained the right temperature and humidity throughout their journey. Available in various temperature ranges, our visual environmental indicators help eliminate waste from the supply chain.

Delivering Peace of Mind with Every Special Medication

Did you know that certain medications can become less effective if they are exposed to extreme temperatures? Medications that have been exposed to temperatures outside the range recommended by their manufacturers may not work as well as they should. That is why Preveon Specialty Pharmacy emphasizes controlling and monitoring the temperature of the highly sensitive biologics that it handles and asks patients to do the same.

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