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ACSIS Supply Chain Solutions

Streamline your operations and stay ahead of the competition with ACSIS Supply Chain Visibility Solutions. The ACSIS platform provides complete real-time visibility and automated processes, tracking products and assets at a granular level across the entire supply chain. With data-driven insights and analytics, you can make informed decisions to optimize operations – in advance and on the fly.

Build a Connected, Intelligent, Sustainable Supply Chain

In today’s fast-paced world supply chain visibility is paramount. Your business needs to keep up with the ever-changing demand of consumers. You need a solution that enhances operational efficiency, streamlines inventory management, and enables accurate demand forecasting, while delivering strong levels of customer service. With ACSIS Supply Chain Visibility Solutions, you never lose sight of your supply chain.
The ACSIS Cloud Platform is a cutting-edge technology solution designed to revolutionize supply chain visibility and data management. This cloud-based platform provides businesses with a centralized hub for collecting, processing and analyzing data from various points along the supply chain. It offers real-time insights and visibility into critical supply chain processes, helping organizations make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations.
A key advantage of the ACSIS Cloud Platform is its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing ERP, WMS, and other systems of record along with a variety of data collection devices such as IoT, RFID, barcode, and more. This versatility allows for the real-time tracking and monitoring of products, assets, and inventory at every stage of the supply chain, from manufacturing and distribution to delivery.
Businesses partnering with us gain complete real-time visibility and automated processes, tracking products and assets at a granular level across the entire supply chain. We’ve assisted some of the largest organizations in the world in building a transparent and agile supply chain. We can do the same for you.

ACSIS Data Collection & Digitalization

Complete supply chain visibility requires granular, real-time data – and the connectivity and intelligence to make this data make sense. With Data Collection & Digitalization, you can collect, exchange, and analyze product data at the item level via the ACSIS Cloud Platform. As a complete real-time solution, you will have the ability to monitor production, track inventory, and quickly analyze and resolve issues, all without disrupting your existing workflows and systems. Based on three decades of experience solving supply chain visibility challenges, you can count on a unique combination of technology and industry expertise, to provide you with an enterprise visibility solution that’s configured to grow with your business.
  • Unprecedented data granularity: Achieve new levels of data-driven insights thanks to granular data capture, built-in analytics, and real-time integration across the supply chain.
  • Ease of integration: Integrate seamlessly with your ERP systems through simple, browser-based APIs. Sync with any data collection device e.g., barcodes, RFID, and IoT sensors.
  • Future-proof cloud platform: Scale without limits and innovate without disruption on a truly future-ready platform. Embrace the latest technologies without reengineering. Just plug and play in the cloud.
  • Easy to make your own: Easily configure ACSIS Data Collection & Digitalization to your unique industry and technology requirements. Apply your own business rules and workflows without reinventing the wheel.

ACSIS Returnable Asset Management

In response to today’s growing environmental crisis created by single-use supply chain packaging, as well as the need for increased supply chain efficiency, many businesses have started eliminating single-use packaging by introducing RTIs such as totes, baskets, trays, crates, cylinders, containers, and more. ACSIS Returnable Assets Management provides custom RFID tags, barcodes, and scanning devices that are fully integrated with a cloud platform to serialize, track, and trace each returnable transport item, so you know where all of your assets are 24/7.
  • $1.5 Billion: Annual cost to replace stolen or missing reusable shipping containers in the USA.
  • 15% to 30%: Percentage of returnable assets are lost, stolen, damaged, or misplaced each year.
  • 10% – 20%: of a typical supply chain budget invested annually in RTI replacement.

ACSIS Partner Collaboration

The visibility of operations in the supply chain decreases when companies outsource manufacturing and packaging to third parties. By connecting all the partners in your network with your internal systems, you have a complete inventory overview and know what is happening at each stage of the extended supply chain. Enhanced collaboration with faster, automated processes and immediate access to information lead to cost savings and better-informed decision-making. ACSIS Partner Collaboration connects all your suppliers, contract manufacturers, logistics partners, third-party packagers, warehouses, and distributors via a cloud platform, giving you end-to-end visibility throughout the product development lifecycle with real-time status updates and alerts.
  • Fewer production delays: Track products and progress with all your partners 24/7.
  • Greater flexibility, agility and resilience: Quickly identify and resolve issues in the partner network.
  • More satisfied customers: Increased shipment accuracy and on-time deliveries.
  • Lower risk in the supply chain: Streamlined inventory management and process visibility.

How RFID and Returnable Transport Items are Revolutionizing Supply Chain

Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) don’t just carry your goods. They also hold the key to considerable untapped value. But how do you turn the simple pallet, crate, or cylinder into a powerful value driver? Our e-book will set you on the right path. Explore the potential of RFID asset tracking to unlock the power of your data – and unleash quantum gains in visibility, sustainability, and efficiency.

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