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Admissions and Patient Identification

Admissions and Patient Identification2024-07-16T01:03:47+04:00

From Admission to Discharge, Deliver the Best Possible Patient Care

From Admission to Discharge, Deliver the Best Possible Patient Care

From admission to discharge, we provide a variety of patient identification solutions that allow you to access and confirm essential patient information throughout the entire care journey. We can help you minimize errors and protect patient rights with solutions that integrate hospital wristband printers, label printers, mobile computers and barcode scanners designed specifically for the healthcare environment.

Accurate Patient Identification Throughout the Hospital

ValuTrack’s Admissions and Patient Identification solutions digitize and streamline healthcare processes, reducing errors and paperwork. Leveraging advanced identification methods like barcoding and RFID ensures secure and accurate patient identification, supporting error-free medical interventions. The integration with electronic health records optimizes data management, and features like wristband printing contribute to reliable patient identification. Prioritizing security, compliance, and workflow efficiency, our solutions enhance patient safety with real-time tracking. You can count on us to deliver customizable and scalable solutions that adapt to your unique healthcare needs, improving operational efficiency and patient experiences.
  • Patient Registration and Admissions: Capture and manage patient information digitally, reducing paperwork and minimizing errors during the registration process.
  • Secure Patient Identification: Advanced identification methods, such as barcoding or RFID prevent errors in patient records, ensuring that medical interventions and treatments are associated with the correct individual.
  • Wristband Printing and Encoding: Generate patient wristbands with unique identifiers, facilitating easy and reliable identification throughout the patient’s stay.
  • Integration with Health Information Systems: Ensure that patient data is accurately recorded and easily accessible across various healthcare workflows.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: Incorporate security measures to protect patient privacy and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive health information.
  • Workflow Optimization: Reduce administrative burdens, improve staff efficiency, and enhance the overall patient experience.
  • Real-time Tracking and Visibility: Leverage real-time tracking to manage patient flow, ensure timely care, and respond promptly to emergencies.
Healthcare organizations that work with us can significantly improve the patient experience and medical workflows when they deploy our admissions and patient identification solutions. We’ve helped deliver complete organizational visibility to some of the largest healthcare systems in the world. We can do the same for you.

Healthcare Mobile Computers

Bring instantaneous, collaborative care to a patient’s bedside. Innovative, purposeful-designed mobile computing devices that consolidate work tools, systems, and processes, allow caregivers to spend time where it matters most, with patients. Our healthcare mobile computers deliver the ultimate in-touch computing, clinical collaboration, and data capture features you need to provide every patient with the highest quality care. Explore how our solutions can help improve patient safety, streamline clinical workflows, and enhance overall hospital efficiency.

Healthcare Barcode Scanners

Healthcare workers have enough to worry about—like delivering critical care to patients. Our healthcare barcode scanners are designed to operate all shift long, work quietly through the night, and withstand anti-bacterial cleaning. Lab technicians, nurses, and pharmacists can parse data and read labels on surfaces of virtually any size or shape, all with greater accuracy and peace of mind that treatments and medications are given to the correct patient. With full-fleet remote management, device health visibility, and ongoing support, we’ll help you ensure your vital operations can continue without interruption.

Healthcare Printers

Enable hospital staff to print on demand and strengthen patient care from admission to discharge. Purpose-built with medical-grade materials, these printers are ready for any disinfectants you throw their way so that they can be safely cleaned between each use. Together, printers, healthcare labels and wristbands can be used to maximize the efficiency of workflows when it comes to labeling patient samples, tracking medical supplies, optimizing patient identification and managing inventory.

Hospital Bracelets and Patient ID Wristbands

ID Wristbands that fail to scan can impact patient safety and the ability to provide timely patient care. That’s why a majority of hospitals are choosing our hospital bracelets and patient ID wristbands, which are proven to improve patient identification accuracy and the operational efficiency of point-of-care services. As a leader in patient ID wristbands, we are proud to offer you the widest range of the most durable and simple-to-use direct-print laser and thermal wristbands.

The Impact of Effective Patient Admissions

An efficient patient admissions process is vital for hospitals, positively impacting patient satisfaction, operational efficiency, and overall success. Streamlined admissions reduce wait times, optimize resource allocation, and contribute to better financial management. Accurate documentation ensures compliance and the process positively influences staff productivity, communication, and hospital reputation. Ultimately, an effective admissions process is foundational to providing quality care and maintaining a trusted and reputable healthcare institution.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Reduce wait times and administrative hassles by streamlining the admissions process.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Optimize hospital workflows, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Accurate Patient Data: Provide personalized care, prevent errors in medical interventions, and maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date electronic health record (EHR).
  • Faster Access to Care: By minimizing administrative delays, hospitals can expedite the process of initiating diagnostic tests, treatments, or surgeries, leading to improved health outcomes for patients.
  • Better Financial Management: Proper documentation and timely processing of admissions contribute to reduced billing errors, faster reimbursement cycles, and improved financial health for the hospital.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Ensure compliance with healthcare regulations, preventing legal issues and fostering a reputation of trust and reliability.
  • Enhanced Communication and Coordination: Seamless coordination to ensure that staff is informed and prepared for the arrival and care of the admitted patients.

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Drive Smarter Patient Care with RFID Tracking

Don’t waste valuable time searching for equipment or team members. Instead, invest that time where it is most needed: in patient care. By incorporating the right mix of tracking solutions, you can have real-time insights to rapidly locate essential assets and teams, and increase accuracy. Ensure the highest level of quality for your patients, use resources wisely, and reduce costs.

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Laboratory Labeling Solutions

Laboratory labeling solutions significantly impact the quality of care healthcare providers give patients. According to a study of 120 healthcare institutions, nearly 56% of identification errors in the lab were caused by specimen labeling errors1. High-quality laboratory labeling solutions facilitate accurate diagnoses and proper treatments for the correct patients.

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Tracking and Monitoring Patients Throughout their Hospital Stay

To more effectively serve patients and better understand the true cost of care, hospitals need better visibility into their operations. With location technology and mobile computers, hospitals can track a patient’s journey throughout the treatment process – from the time a patient enters the hospital to discharge. Hospitals can use this information to optimize patient flow, facilitate faster, more effective treatment and safeguard sensitive patient populations.

Let Us Help Streamline your Admissions and Patient Identification Processes

Ready to revolutionize the way your healthcare system manages admissions and patient identification? Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment of your current hospital workflows, and we’ll leverage our decades of expertise, in designing and deploying solutions that deliver complete organizational visibility.

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