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Unlock the Power of 5G Networks for Organizations’ People, Places, and Things

Unlock the Power of 5G Networks for Organizations’ People, Places, and Things

In a world where wired broadband often isn’t sufficient, cloud-controlled LTE and 5G routers and adapters deliver a Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN), enabling the freedom to connect more experiences, new ways to work, and improved business results. Cradlepoint is your expert in wireless edge solutions that unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks for organizations’ people, places, and things.

The Freedom to Connect your Enterprise — Anywhere.

You have sites, vehicles, IoT, and remote workers — all requiring reliable, secure, and agile connectivity. Cradlepoint gives you the power to utilize 4G and 5G cellular technology to connect people, places, and things — anywhere. We’re at the forefront of Wireless Wide Area Network and 5G which are the next big waves in networking.
Secure and Reliable: Have the peace of mind that comes from reliable, high-performance connectivity through wireless solutions featuring best-in-class network security and threat protection. Thousands of enterprises count on cloud-managed routers and adapters for WWAN every day.
Versatile and Scalable: With the broadest range of use cases and solutions, Cradlepoint offers the flexibility to embrace new ways of doing business anywhere and to always put your best network forward. We provide scalability suited to fast-moving business transformation.
Simple and Sophisticated: Cellular broadband goes up immediately and with ease — especially with zero-touch deployment through Cradlepoint’s plug-and-play solutions. And with Cradlepoint NetCloud, real-time network visibility and control are at your fingertips.

Embrace a WWAN with Unmatched Agility and Reach

Cellular broadband is faster and more pervasive than ever before — which is great news for the wide area network (WAN). Based on 4G LTE and 5G technology, Wireless WAN is when an organization uses public or private cellular routers or adapters as WAN infrastructure for connecting people, places, and things anywhere. It’s the new wave of network transformation – enabling connectivity to people, places, and things anywhere with greater simplicity, agility, and security.  
Cellular wireless has always been ideal for failover and connecting critical assets in places wires can’t go, such as in vehicles, field forces, and IoT. However, today’s cellular networks are more pervasive and getting faster with the deployment of Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G. With flat-rate pricing beginning to eliminate overage anxiety, Wireless WAN is becoming the preferred broadband connectivity for branches, stores, and other fixed sites — the last exclusive domain of wired networks. In fact, the percentage of organizations that use 4G/5G for Wireless WAN increased from 41% of respondents in 2018 to 67% in 2021, according to IDG survey results in the State of Wireless WAN 2022 Report.


Welcome the freedom of LTE and 5G solutions for hybrid WAN and failover in fixed, temporary, and pop-up locations — enabling any combination of Wired and Wireless WAN.


Optimize mobile broadband and Wi-Fi across connected vehicle fleets of any size, enabling 24×7 access no matter the route.


Use reliable, agile cellular  IoT connectivity to harness the vast potential of edge data with undelayed deployments and unfettered innovation.

Remote Work

Equip remote employees with reliable dedicated connections through SOHO routers that the IT team can control from anywhere.

Core Networking Solutions From Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint provides wireless and wired edge solutions, including routers, gateways, and adapters, that are designed to help businesses connect and manage their networks. Their solutions are optimized for security, reliability, and ease of use, and can be used in various industries, such as healthcare, retail, and transportation. Cradlepoint’s solutions also support a wide range of connectivity options, including 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet, enabling businesses to stay connected even in remote or challenging locations.
  • Wireless branch networking: Cradlepoint provides cloud-managed wireless edge routers that enable secure and reliable connectivity for branch locations, remote workers, and IoT devices.
  • Mobile networking: Cradlepoint offers solutions for mobile networks, including routers, modems, and antennas that provide reliable connectivity for vehicles, public safety, and other mobile applications.
  • IoT networking: Cradlepoint’s IoT networking solutions enable secure and reliable connectivity for IoT devices and applications, including sensors, gateways, and other IoT endpoints.
  • Private LTE networking: Cradlepoint provides private LTE networking solutions that enable secure and reliable connectivity for critical applications in industries such as healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing.
  • Network security: Cradlepoint offers a range of network security solutions, including firewalls, VPNs, and threat detection and mitigation, to help protect against cyber threats and other security risks.
Wireless Network Survey

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Wireless networks are the backbone of productivity. A properly installed wireless system keeps your operations running smoothly and allows your business to maximize its efficiency. We provide a complete portfolio of networking solutions and services that ensure business continuity and accelerate innovative capabilities. Our services include Network Infrastructure Design, Wireless Site Surveys, Switch and Access Point Installation, Network Cabling, Network Analytics and Optimization, On-Site Management and Support, Technical Training, Maintenance Contracts, and more.

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