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Moxa Industrial Networking Solutions

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Fast and Reliable Industrial Networking in the World of Automation

Fast and Reliable Industrial Networking in the World of Automation

In the world of automation, having a strong and fast connection is crucial to keeping your organization productive. We provide connectivity technology that helps to make your ideas real by providing reliable network solutions that enable devices to connect, communicate, and collaborate with systems, processes, and people. Our experience in connectivity for industrial automation enables us to optimize communication and collaboration between systems, processes, and people. We deliver innovative, efficient, and reliable solutions, so you can remain focused on what you do best—growing your business.

Secure Connections and Simple Management

The modern production line monitoring system facilitates the need for remote monitoring that allows supervisors to see what is happening on a factory floor whether the lines are running slowly or stopped. Implementing such an operation requires reliable and smart device networks to transmit data back and forth between the control center and devices in real-time, and to ensure that automated systems run seamlessly via both wired and wireless networks. Moxa offers diverse field network communication for multiprotocol connectivity for integrating different brand field equipment.
Update Connection Interfaces: Our serial connectivity solutions include serial-to-USB, serial-to-fiber, serial-to-Ethernet, serial-to-wireless, and protocol conversions, therefore, keeping your serial devices connected with versatile communication interfaces and protocols.
Integrate Into Modern Systems: Our continuous investment in serial connectivity responds quickly to customer needs and market trends, including new products for emerging applications or new drivers for a variety of platforms.
Ramp-Up Connectivity Security: Our serial-to-Ethernet solutions incorporate IEC 62443-4-2 standards. We have a variety of embedded security functions to enhance connectivity security for connected serial devices.

 Industrial Network Infrastructure

We are experts in providing industrial networking solutions that enable communication and collaboration among systems, processes, and people. Let us help you build seamlessly converged OT/IT connectivity for your industrial digital transformation. We can provide your organization with a number of industrial solutions that include Ethernet Switches, Secure Routers, Wireless AP/Bridge/Clients, Cellular Gateways/Routers, Ethernet Media Converters, Network Management Software, Secure Remote Access, and Network Security Appliances.

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Unified Networking and Cybersecurity

Multi-layered security to create defense-in-depth protection for your industrial networks

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Rugged End-to-end Connectivity

Reliable, high-performance networks with robust hardware to keep your business running

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Enhanced Visibility and Management

Simple network management that keeps you in control, whether you’re working on-site or remotely

Industrial Edge Connectivity

Continuous innovation enables Moxa to provide a wide range of edge connectivity solutions that quickly and securely adapt to the ever-changing demands of the automation industry. Our networking solutions ensure that the industrial side of your organization remains productive so that you can work more efficiently. We can provide your organization with a number of industrial solutions that include Serial Device Servers, Serial Converters, Protocol Gateways, USB-to-Serial Converters/USB Hubs, Multiport Serial Boards, Controllers & I/Os, IP Cameras & Video Servers, and OPC UA Software.

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Industrial Reliability

Rugged hardware designed for long-term operation and reliable communication

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Enhanced Security

Security-hardened solutions based on IEC 62443 standards

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Simplified Integration

User-friendly tools and wide protocol support for both OT and IT professionals

Industrial Computing

Collaborating with industry partners around the world, we are dedicated to providing certified, robust, industrial-grade computing solutions for mission-critical applications in extreme environments. We can provide your organization with a number of industrial solutions that include x86 Computers, Arm-Based Computers, Panel Computers & Displays, and System Software.

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Robust Design

Industrial certifications prove our solutions can operate reliably even in harsh conditions

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A Trusted Industry Partner

We are known for our commitment to product longevity and long-term support

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A Focus on the Customer

We build lasting relationships with our customers through sincere service to ensure we find the ideal solution to their needs

Digital Manufacturing IIoT Transformation

Moxa industrial networking offers several benefits, such as improved reliability and security, flexible integration with various network protocols, and simplified management and maintenance. It provides a ruggedized and durable solution that can withstand harsh industrial environments, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity. Moxa’s solutions provide secure and reliable industrial networking and IIoT solutions that let customers rapidly develop and deploy applications in the field. Their robust and cloud-ready IIoT gateways, along with value-added and long life-cycle software, are a perfect fit for this market.
  • Connectivity Solutions: Robust and reliable connectivity solutions that form the foundation of the Digital Manufacturing IIoT Transformation.
  • Edge Computing Capabilities: Empower edge devices with computing capabilities, data processing can occur closer to the data source. This not only reduces latency but also enhances the efficiency of real-time data analysis for critical decision-making.
  • Secure and Resilient Networks: Safeguarding data integrity, protecting against cyber threats, and ensuring the continuous and reliable operation of industrial networks.
  • Scalable and Future-Ready Architectures: Development of scalable architectures that can adapt to evolving industrial requirements.
  • Data Management and Analytics: Emphasize effective data management and analytics solutions that enable businesses to derive actionable insights from the vast amounts of data generated by industrial processes.
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance: Facilitate proactive monitoring of industrial assets, reducing downtime, and allowing for timely maintenance interventions, thereby optimizing overall operational efficiency.

Network Infrastructure Services

Wireless networks are the backbone of productivity. A properly installed wireless system keeps your operations running smoothly and allows your business to maximize its efficiency. We provide a complete portfolio of networking solutions and services that ensure business continuity and accelerate innovative capabilities. Our services include Managed Network Services, Network Infrastructure Design, Wireless Site Surveys, Switch and Access Point Installation, Network Cabling, Network Analytics and Optimization, On-Site Management and Support, and more.

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