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Zebra is the industry leader in Enterprise Mobility, RFID, Label & Tags, Printers, Scanner & Tablets. Zebra specializes in technology used to sense, and analyze so that you can act in real-time based on data-fueled insights. Zebra solutions are designed to fit seamlessly into a rich ecosystem of integrated platforms that can talk to each other—and evolve to meet your needs over time. Devices, software, and services empower workers to make the most of every minute, every piece of real-time data, and every decision they make for your business.

The Claroty Platform is a complete industrial cybersecurity solution that comprises Claroty’s Continuous Threat Detection (CTD), Secure Remote Access (SRA), and Edge technologies. The platform seamlessly integrates with any industrial environment regardless of its scale, architecture, or the maturity of existing cybersecurity programs. Highly flexible and rapid deployment options enable The Claroty Platform to reveal and protect all OT, IoT, and IIoT assets within the network while automatically detecting the earliest indicators of threats to those assets via proprietary detection technologies.

The premier leader in security solutions, Bosch Security Systems delivers a 100-year history of quality and innovation in all of its solutions and is the leader in the industry. Bosch’s powerful hardware platforms and flexible systems allow us to offer superior products that meet your specific applications and security requirements. Bosch’s expansive product portfolio includes a wide range of products and systems for communications, video surveillance, access control, and intrusion and fire detection.

TEKLYNX is a global leader in barcode and RFID software. TEKLYNX barcode software solutions help make supply chains work by improving efficiency through print automation, label management, and browser-based printing. Their enterprise label management is your solution for streamlining your complex labeling process to a simple set of steps that is easy for your team to master, saving you time and money. We are here to help you find a complete enterprise label management solution that meets your requirements.

Savant Software is a leading provider of supply chain solutions for small, mid-market, and enterprise distributors and manufacturers. Savant’s Warehouse Management System approach is designed to provide you with flexibility at every step along your supply chain. With Savant, you can activate the modules you need to reduce your upfront costs, boost your ROI, simplify your user’s experience, increase process improvements, and guarantee system adoption.

Display Data Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are revolutionizing the retail space by bringing the shelf-edge into the Internet of Things era, helping to create shopping experiences that are more engaging, rewarding, personalized, and profitable. We help retailers optimize sales and margin at the shelf edge, where 90% of purchases are still made. Managed remotely, and wirelessly, ESLs cut out time-consuming manual updates, saving your workers time while reducing your printing costs.

Extreme Networks designs, develops, and manufactures wired and wireless network infrastructure equipment and develops the software for network management, policy, analytics, security, and access controls. Extreme’s Universal Platforms combine the power of cloud management with next-generation switches and access points that can support multiple deployment use cases through a simple change of the software or feature set. With Extreme, you can increase flexibility and reduce hardware obsolescence by gradually adopting new technologies.

HAL Systems, Inc. offers configurable asset management software solutions for warehouse management, inventory control, and device management. HAL Systems provides affordable solutions that give small to mid-sized businesses the same competitive advantage that large companies when it comes to inventory tracking and traceability. With browser-based software that operates “in the cloud,” HAL Systems provides solutions that are modern, customized, secure, and scalable. Their solutions work easily with existing hardware, releasing businesses from the cost complexities associated with special devices.

Seagull Scientific is a leading provider of comprehensive labeling software for businesses of all sizes. Trusted by organizations around the world, Bartender improves safety, security, efficiency, and compliance by optimizing their labeling, making, and printing processes. BarTender provides users with the tools to easily and efficiently design labels and other documents, connect those designs to live database data, integrate automated printing with existing business systems, and launch print requests from any system.

Newcastle Systems is an innovator of workplace mobility solutions. They provide a wide range of mobile-powered workstations that enables companies to maximize workplace efficiencies. EcoCart Series mobile-powered workstations make it easy to mobilize your workforce by reducing footsteps, speeding receiving operations, improving efficiencies, and providing convenience and ergonomic benefits, Lightweight and compact, this unit is ideal for powering a laptop, barcode printer, and scanner for 8+ hours at a time, improving labeling accuracy and dock to stock efficiency by 50% or more. Mobile-powered workstations are an excellent solution for industries such as Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution, Retail, and Healthcare.

Visix Digital Signage is a powerful software solution that gives you the ability to manage all of your visual communication devices from a single centralized application to ensure no one misses an important message, no matter where they are. Craft visual communications to capture attention, increase engagement, and reach more people using friendly workflows and elegant design tools for content customized to your audience. The Visix platform is flexible enough to fit every budget and industry, whether you want easy day-to-day communications using simple slides, or deep data dives with customized data integration and visualizations on screens. Visix offers solutions for every industry including Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, and more.

ProGlove is a barcode scanning solution that enables workers the ability to hands-free operations, improving their mobility and efficiency. The hands-free operations allow for uninterrupted workflows so workers can get more done using wearable technology that integrates with their natural motion. ProGlove’s precision-engineered scanning solutions can help you speed up production and logistics processes by up to 50% while also reducing errors. You can also earn a quick ROI with faster, more accurate processes and up to a 20% reduction in scanner damage and replacement compared to handheld pistol-style devices.

Quail Digital provides professional wireless headset systems for the retail, healthcare, community, and quick service industries. Digital headsets empower staff to give customers a better experience, solving queries, seeking assistance, locating stock, and finding the experts. The system comprises all-new hands-free lightweight wireless digital headsets for up to 30 users, with options to integrate headsets above the store to head office, remote security monitoring, checkouts, customer help-points, and passive alarm systems around the store.

Motorola manufactures consumer electronics and telecommunication devices that keep people connected. Motorola’s full selection of cost-effective analog and digital handheld radios allows your staff to stay connected, improving, efficiency and safety within your facility’s environments.  Two-way radios connect workers to the real-time informational intelligence they need to save time, drive down costs and work more safely. Built rugged, two-way radios deliver the reliable discreet communication your business demands.

StayLinked is the only Terminal Emulation (TE) product specifically designed for wireless environments and delivers very secure, high-speed terminal emulation while completely eliminating dropped sessions. With StayLinked, you can evolve an integration platform that enables you to take your organization’s existing investment in TE-based systems to a whole new level. Quickly and easily integrate new technologies into their existing warehouse management system (WMS), improving productivity and efficiencies.

Temptime by Zebra Technologies makes a wide range of patented time-temperature indicators for temperature-sensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices for Warehouses, Shippers, Restaurants, Retail Grocery, or any organization concerned with tracking real-time temperature and humidity levels to ensure their goods meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Temptime’s real-time temperature and humidity monitoring solution alerts you should a problem occur within any of your extreme cooler, refrigerator, chiller, and freezer storage facilities locally or globally from a single dashboard.

Honeywell invents and manufactures technologies to address tough challenges linked to global macrotrends such as safety, security, and energy. Honeywell provides Performance Materials and Technologies that engage in developing and manufacturing performance chemicals and materials, process technologies, and automation solutions. Products such as RFID hardware, barcode labels & printers, and enterprise mobility software improve productivity, workplace safety, and asset performance to customers.

SOTI is a proven innovator and industry leader in simplifying business mobility and IoT solutions by making them smarter, faster, and more reliable. SOTI delivers more than just industry-leading enterprise mobility, mobile device management, and security. Enable your IT staff to manage every aspect of the company’s mobile devices, hardware, software, content, and data. With SOTI MobiControl you gain control throughout the entire lifecycle of your devices, from provisioning to retirement. The SOTI application is completely device and operating system agnostic, it works on every Android, Windows, or iOS device.

Epson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer printers, information, and imaging-related equipment. Epson color label printers are ideal for dramatically reducing label costs, increasing operational efficiencies, and printing in high quality for a variety of label applications. Epson ColorWorks label printers increase productivity while reducing the cost of using pre‑printed labels. Dependable commercial inkjet printing with fast-drying durable pigment color inks is perfect for commercial applications where labels require GHS compliance.

Cisco delivers innovative software-defined networking, cloud, and security solutions to help transform your business, empowering an inclusive future for innovation. Cisco is an industry leader in products and solutions in the core development areas of routing and switching, as well as in advanced technologies such as home networking, IP telephony, optical networking, security, storage area networking, and wireless technology. In addition to its products, Cisco provides a broad range of service offerings, including technical support and advanced services.

AML is a provider of barcode data collection for high-performance, easy-to-use, and cost-effective barcode and data collection products. AML’s mission has been to provide affordable, sensible, and reliable barcode-centric solutions for mission-critical activities, to improve efficiency and productivity, and to make barcode data collection applications worry-free. Their products include mobile computers, interactive kiosks, and barcode software for industries such as Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, Education, and Government.

Ivanti Wavelink, the Supply Chain division of Ivanti, is the global leader in supply chain solutions that focus on task worker operational excellence in business-critical environments. The world’s top organizations use Wavelink’s mobile enterprise application solutions to enhance worker productivity at the edge while offering IIoT capabilities using low-code, low-risk automation, with actionable outcomes. Mobility solutions empower your workers, improve productivity, and raise your bottom line. Realize measurable gains in metrics ranging from money and time to worker safety and morale.

Moxa is a leading provider of industrial networking, computing, and automation solutions to help customers enable connectivity for the industrial environment. Critical connectivity in automation is not just about having a fast connection; it is about making people’s lives better and more secure. Moxa’s experience in connectivity for industrial automation enables them to optimize communication and collaboration between systems, processes, and people, Delivering innovative, efficient, and reliable solutions, so you can remain focused on growing your business.

HID Global provides flexible access control solutions for powerful premises security that meets today’s demand for mobility, security, and privacy. Secure your facilities and assets with an Access Control solution. Visitor management is the recording and collection of visitor data, either manually or through automation, for the purpose of knowing who is in the facility, who they are visiting, and how long they spent there. Enhance the professionalism of the enrollment process and visitor check-in as well as improve security by identifying who is in a facility quickly and accurately with an analysis/reporting on visitor data.

Auto ID Solutions is an established leader in the barcode industry providing auto-identification solutions for manufacturing companies worldwide. Auto ID Solutions specifically include Barcode Verifiers, Verifier Repair, Verifier Calibration, Print Sample Evaluation, Printers and Other Accessories, and E-Codes / Electronic Bar Code Images. Via Auto ID Solutions, ValuTrack provides solutions from Axicon, Webscan, and RJS.

ImageTek specializes in a wide variety of thermal transfer, printable, custom, blank, or preprinted barcode labels. Anywhere you need to tag or track products important to your business, ImageTek Labels has the barcode label that will best suit your need. With the capabilities to print your labels custom, on specialty niche materials that withstand industrial manufacturing applications, weather, water, chemicals, abrasion, and tear, there’s no limit to what you can track.

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