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Experience a whole new way of efficiency with wearable scanners. We provide a barcode scanning solution that enables workers the ability to do hands-free operations, improving their mobility and efficiency. The hands-free operations allow for uninterrupted workflows so workers can get more done using wearable technology that integrates with their natural motion. ProGlove’s precision-engineered scanning solutions can help you speed up production and logistics processes by up to 50% while also reducing errors. You can also earn a quick ROI with faster, more accurate processes and up to a 20% reduction in scanner damage and replacement compared to handheld pistol-style devices.

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Optimize your Processes at Every Scan

The MARK 3 multi-range scanner is the fastest, lightest, and most versatile option to optimize hands-free scanning operations. Speed up processes across some of the most challenging supply chain environments from the assembly line to the logistics centers. MARK 3 intuitively scans anything from packing labels in your hand to far-away identification markers. Enable your smoothest, most flexible operations yet.

  • Optimized to quickly scan anything from 10 cm to 600 cm away.
  • Easy aiming with high-precision scanning.
  • Super lightweight at 40 grams.
  • Optic, haptic, and acoustic feedback profiles.
  • Heavy-duty battery life of 12,000 scans*.
  • Ready for 3000 scans after 20 minutes charge time, full charge in under 2 hours.



Enable Comfort and Efficiency in Logistics and Production

Achieve maximum productivity in all application areas with MARK 2. The small, portable wearable scanners are the companion for employees who perform a large number of scans. Save your team the need to reach for a handheld scanner in every single scanning step, saving up to 4 seconds per scan in the documentation process.

The optic, haptic and acoustic feedback informs the wearer whether the process step was correctly achieved. This reduces the error rate by up to 33%. With a battery life of up to 12,000 scans per charge, MARK 2 is perfect for industrial applications with high scanning frequency: picking, sequencing, incoming goods, production lines, quality control, outgoing goods, and more.

MARK Display

MARK Display

Presents Crucial Information

The small and mighty MARK Display supports industry standards when it comes to connecting to your ERP or WMS system. We understand that implementation time is key. Use our Websocket API to directly communicate to a server, e.g. via ABAP Push Channels, or as an ITS Mobile user, simplify the integration with Ivanti Wavelink. You can retrofit your telnet system and set up your first process within one day with the help of our software partners StayLinked and Ivanti.

The MARK Display adds intelligence to your shopfloor by communicating only the essential data that workers need for efficiency and high performance. The standard range version guarantees the fastest performance for near-field scanning (10 – 80 cm / 6 in – 3 ft). With an optimal scan distance from 30 cm up to 150 cm / 1ft. to 5 ft. the mid-range version is ideal for applications with different scan distances.

MARK Basic

MARK Basic

The Wearable Scanner for Greater Mobility

MARK Basic provides more efficiency, process quality, and ergonomics in your retail and warehouse environment. Upgrade and save up to 4 seconds with each scan. Instead of interrupting work to reach for the handheld scanner, employees move freely since the scanner sits on the back of the hand. With the Bluetooth Low Energy Standard, you can connect MARK Basic to existing systems and end devices without integration effort. The battery allows up to 7,500 scans per charge and thus lasts for one shift.

On average, logistics employees reach for their barcode scanner 1000 times per shift. With a handheld scanner, they pick it up and put it down again with every single scan. Unnecessary hand movements, which take up time, interrupt the workflow and thus become potential sources of error. If employees have a wearable barcode scanner on the back of their hands, they can concentrate better on the work and save grip time. The hands are free for primary work like picking items or transferring stock. MARK Basic comes in two variants: Optimized for mid-range scanning usage of 30cm – 150cm and for standard range usage of 10 cm – 80 cm. Whether the employee is operating from a forklift and scanning the storage area or standing and picking up packages for scanning, the data is captured in the most efficient way.



Introduce Elevated Efficiency

LEO is ProGlove’s new solution that introduces elevated efficiencies to wearable scanning in your fast-paced warehouse environments. LEO provides higher process quality and premier ergonomics to your retail and warehouse environment. Upgrade your handheld scanners and save up to 4 seconds with each scan. Enjoy the quality and value-add you expect from a ProGlove device at an affordable price. 

See how much you could save with ProGlove!

Get Back to Work Faster with ProGlove

June 30th, 2020|

Many industries have had to shut and or limit capacity due to COVID-19 safety precautions. ProGlove has adapted its existing barcode scanning technology to support

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