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Ivanti Mobile Device Management

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Proven Enterprise Mobility Management From Ivanti

Proven Enterprise Mobility Management From Ivanti

In most organizations, mobile productivity is crucial to your business. We can set you up for success by implementing Mobile Device Management software that ensures your mobile devices are ready for today’s and tomorrow’s business demands. Whether scanners in the warehouse, or tablets on the retail floor, Ivanti helps maintain control of your most critical mobile deployments, keeping them secure, available, and accessible. Manufacturers and retailers whose success is measured by their ability to deliver have trusted us to keep their workforce productive.

Invanti Neurons for MDM

Discover, Manage and Secure Any Device and OS, Anywhere

Business operations have no time for downtime, and stoppages caused by cyberattacks are among your growing concerns. You need visibility to all the operational tech in your line of business: rugged mobile computers, tablets, wearables, and the software on each, so you can manage and protect it all alongside the laptops and smartphones corporate IT oversees. The shift to cloud-based device management is designed to help organizations effectively manage and secure all endpoints while improving their standards for performance while ensuring uptime for the workers in your supply chain operations.
Ivanti Neurons for MDM is your single cloud-based solution for task worker devices, corporate devices, front-of-store devices, and backend warehouse devices. Being able to take action based on insights into utilization, compliance, and risk throughout the mobile fleet is core to managing the supply chain. Enhanced dashboards and reporting deliver scalability while keeping your most critical mobile deployments secure, available, and accessible. This is why supply chain analysts trust us to help manage mission-critical endpoints, minimize security risks and protect data across all their supply chain operations.

What you can expect from Ivanti Neurons MDM:

Cloud‑based device management and security: Secure and manage endpoints running iOS, iPadOS, Android, macOS, ChromeOS and Windows. Get an accurate accounting of all the endpoints in the ecosystem – from onboarding, through provisioning and securing, to patching. Ensure uptime for tomorrow’s operations by remediating software issues and applying updates to operating systems and apps. Proactively detect and resolve issues before the next shift begins.
Simple onboarding and provisioning process: Quickly and easily onboard devices and provision them over the air with all the apps, settings and security configurations they need. Leverage Android Enterprise zero-touch onboarding to fully automate the time-consuming task of provisioning and configuring devices for new workers.
Powerful and productive user experience: Warehouse and retail workers frequently share devices, ex. in a store where several associates may access the same device to look up inventory or check out customers during a shift. Ivanti Neurons for MDM delivers a delightful, native user experience across any device and OS by allowing admins to assign role-based access to individual groups and users through a single management console. Enable access for multiple users on the same device, while ensuring compliance with regard to handling user data and privacy.
Enhanced security and endpoint management: Threat actors are increasingly targeting supply chain operations. Secure corporate data by enforcing pass-codes and activating disk encryption with Ivanti Mobile Threat Defense. Manage and protect any iOS, iPadOS, Android, macOS, ChromeOS, Windows and VR/XR device, from a single cloud-based solution.
Manage devices everywhere business happens: Know the devices your supply chain workers rely on are updated and in good operating condition, ready for the day’s business.

Ivanti Avalanche

Ensure your Mobile Tech is Ready for Daily Demands

Ivanti Avalanche is an on-premise Enterprise Mobile Device Management solution that manages some of the most demanding, high-profile supply chain mobility solutions in the world. At its core, a mobile device management product used for supply chain mobility needs to keep workers connected, effective, and therefore at peak productivity. Businesses need real-time visibility to ensure devices have installed the latest OS updates. This is where Avalanche offers great value.
Manage segmented workgroups: Target and update only devices running a particular app.
Update on your schedule: Schedule OS updates, or update apps at a scheduled time or at the next device check-in.
Tailored for your mobile devices: Device-specific clients take advantage of unique hardware features.
Deploy faster: Automate the build process and get fixes in place faster.

Ivanti Avalanche Printer Management

Get Complete Printer Insight

Whether you are refreshing your rugged mobile devices or printer stocks, you want a modern enterprise mobility management experience that enables you to see the full picture through a single point of application. Ivanti’s Avalanche Printer Management solution allows the customer to discover and manage all of the deployed printers across the warehouse, distribution centers, and retail locations.
Firmware Upload: Easily upgrade or downgrade printer firmware based on your enterprise standard and maintain consistency across all of your devices.
Discover Printers and Enroll: Scan your network printers, organize them in groups, and bring them under admin management in a few easy clicks.
Monitor Alerts in Real-Time: Subscribe to printer alerts and quickly detect problems in your environment.
Direct Communication: Remotely communicate via terminal with printers from the Avalanche console to troubleshoot.
File Payload: Push files to the printer to customize your business needs. Quickly set common printers settings in order to manage basic printer settings for a quick start-up.

Ivanti Smart Device Remote Control

Absolute Warehouse Productivity

Any time a device goes down, it takes productivity—and ultimately your bottom line—with it. You need that device up and running again as fast as possible if you’re going to meet your customer commitments and corporate targets. Smart Device Remote Control empowers your support team to assess and resolve issues fast, so your workers can get back to the tasks that drive your business. Powered by Wavelink, Smart Device Remote Control helps speed issue resolution—giving support teams device access to replicate issues so they can diagnose and resolve problems fast. Whether hardware, software, connectivity or something else, you need to determine what’s keeping a worker idle. Our solutions will enable you to view settings, reproduce errors, and fix issues.
Easy to Deploy: Build your deployment package and send a link to install
Secure Sessions: TLS and AES-256 bit encryption, plus logging of all session events
Transfer Files and Fixes: Send files such as log files, OS updates, and more to and from the device
Reboot Remotely: Force resets to ensure updates are installed and ready to go

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Mobile devices have changed the way we work, and IT needs a new approach to security. With BYOD, corporate and personal devices need to be managed and integrated into the company’s IT management systems without compromising security or privacy. ValuTrack offers advanced solutions that enable organizations to simplify inventory, configuration and management of their mobile devices. Talk to us today about starting the seamless onboarding and support we can provide for your remote workforce.

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