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Connect Everything with the SOTI ONE Platform

Connect Everything with the SOTI ONE Platform

We deliver industry-leading mobile device management and security, giving you the ability to gain control throughout the entire lifecycle of your devices, from provisioning to retirement. SOTI Mobile Device Management software gives you complete visibility and lets you efficiently manage multiple device types such as mobile rugged devices, mobile computers, handhelds, smartphones, vehicle mount computers, wearables, and laptops.

The SOTI ONE Platform makes Business Operations Simpler, Smarter and More Reliable.

You need an Enterprise Mobility Management solution to handle all your business-critical mobility requirements: app development, managing and securing devices, remotely troubleshooting and resolving mobile device issues, gaining analytical insights into device performance, and managing your IoT deployments. The SOTI ONE Platform is an innovative, integrated management solution that maximizes the ROI of your business-critical mobile devices and printers. Its integrated suite of products includes of SOTI MobiControl, SOTI XSight, SOTI Snap, SOTI Connect, SOTI Identity and SOTI Pulse. Powered by actionable intelligence to help you make smarter, data-driven decisions, it reduces the cost, complexity and downtime of your mobile operations. Workers are more efficient because devices are more reliable and packed with the tools, data and apps needed to get the job done – fast. Manage your essential mobile devices and printers for total control while increasing the effectiveness of your mobile operations with the SOTI ONE Platform.
Simplify Business Mobility: The SOTI ONE Platform is an innovative, integrated management solution that maximizes the ROI of your business-critical mobile devices and printers.
Minimize Mobile Downtime: SOTI XSight has the support and management tools needed to fix mobile device problems faster and analytics insights to help you make smarter, data-driven decisions around your business-critical mobile strategy.
Enterprise Mobility Management: SOTI MobiControl makes mobility management easy. It simplifies the security, management and support of your business-critical mobility and IoT deployment.
Digitize Processes: SOTI Snap enables organizations to rapidly create mobile apps that digitize business processes and boost worker productivity.

SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl makes Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) easier than ever before. It empowers companies to securely manage any device or endpoint with any form factor and any operating system throughout their entire lifecycle; from deployment to retirement. It controls all aspects of business mobility, from tracking physical assets to managing apps and content, all while keeping devices and data, safe and secure.

Key Features and Capabilities of MobiControl:

  • Full Lifecycle Management: Secure and manage your devices and endpoints through their entire lifecycle.
  • Express Enrollment and Provisioning: Get your user’s mobile devices up and running with rapid enrollment and provisioning.
  • Create Geofences:  Deploy policies apps and content based on whether the device is inside or outside the geofence to ensure compliance while devices and data are on the go.
  • Advanced IoT Management: Management solution for Linux-based mobile devices and intelligent IoT endpoints.
  • Secure Content Management: Deliver a secure content management solution that optimizes productivity while maintaining regulatory compliance.


SOTI XSight combines diagnostic intelligence with our mobile-first support solution to improve the ROI of your business-critical mobility. SOTI XSight enables organizations to leverage advanced diagnostics to rapidly resolve app and mobile device issues. Organizations can also access customizable device and business data to improve performance and reduce operating costs. SOTI XSight integrates with SOTI MobiControl to give you complete visibility and supercharges it with analysis, support and management tools needed to streamline your business-critical mobile operations.  

Key Features and Capabilities of XSight:

  • Operational Intelligence: Pull metrics behind the performance of your devices to pinpoint the root cause behind critical issues.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Document issues with screenshots, video recording and device data snapshots.
  • Visualization: Access device data to make smarter decisions about your device fleet and business data to improve your operational efficiencies.
  • Incident Management: Easily submit and manage support tickets, enabling efficient support workflows and minimizing resolution times.


SOTI Snap is a cross-platform solution that enables organizations to rapidly build mobile apps to replace paper-based processes by using the data-capturing capabilities of your mobile devices. With SOTI Snap, you can easily digitize data collection and approval processes to make them fast and efficient, allowing your business to save money and optimizing your mobile device investment.

Key Features and Capabilities of Snap:

  • Rapid Digitization of Paper-Based Processes: Drag and drop widgets onto an intuitive, device-shaped canvas to prototype and iterate. Expedite the transition from paper to digital and cut costly, time-consuming bottlenecks.
  • Centralize and Streamline Manual Business Processes: Standardize processes by connecting workflow-automated tasks reducing errors, improving transparency and accountability while increasing efficiencies.
  • Create Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Automatically: Create cross-platform mobile apps for Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Push mobile apps to devices instantly and reduce time to market.

SOTI Connect

SOTI Connect provides complete lifecycle management for industrial and mobile printers which are relied upon for business-critical processes such as shipping labels, barcode identifications, transaction receipts and more. Organizations may have different printer OEMs at different locations performing different functions. As such, they require a single point of control to manage them all with speed and efficiency. Organizations can get unparalleled capabilities and efficiency by centrally managing their mixed printer vendor environment through a customizable single pane of glass. SOTI Connect supports many printer OEMs and enables organizations to select the mix of printer OEMs which best suit their business-critical printing needs and manage them all using a single solution.

Key Features and Capabilities of Connect:

  • Proactivity: Monitor printer health and use automation to detect and correct issues the moment they occur instead of waiting for someone to communicate that there is a printer problem.
  • Versatility: Collect valuable insights on battery levels, memory usage, print head temperature, print cycles and more. Make smarter, data-driven decisions regarding your printer investments.
  • Security: Protect against risks by enforcing password policies, generating and deploying security certificates, and monitoring the physical location and movement of printers.
  • Visibility: Ensure all your printers are visible and accounted for in real-time without having to visit each remote location and manually count each printer.

SOTI Identity

SOTI Identity enables simple and secure access to the SOTI ONE Platform suite of solutions. It provides centralized user authentication, single sign-on and role management, empowering organizations to create seamless, integrated mobility management workflows.

Key Features and Capabilities of Identity:

  • Zero-Touch Enrollment: A centralized, cloud-hosted authentication and authorization service that validates user credentials to confirm the authenticity of users.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: To improve user security, SOTI Identity Administrators can configure SOTI Identity Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for its users.
  • Event Logging: Capture all user activities with the SOTI ONE Platform, such as successful or unsuccessful login attempts, and actions or changes on apps, users, and directories.

SOTI Pulse

SOTI Pulse is an online community for SOTI partners and customers, and makes it easy for customers to connect, communicate and collaborate with product experts and other solutions providers, to get the most out of their mobility and IoT deployments. It’s your go-to resource for everything related to business-critical mobility. Be in the know with the latest news. Interact with SOTI users and experts via the forum. Visit the marketplace to find devices, software, services and apps to help your business. Get product support, including help documentation, videos, notes and more. It’s all for you, and it’s open 24/7.

Key Features and Capabilities of Identity:

  • Send Direct Messages: Send direct messages to other SOTI Pulse users making it easier to connect and collaborate with them.
  • Access to New Knowledge Database: Browse a new knowledge base within SOTI Pulse that hosts helpful technical articles written by product experts.
  • Ask Questions, Share Answers: Write questions or answers in SOTI Pulse and review, edit and post them later to get the most out of the community.

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The SOTI ONE Platform gives you complete control and visibility into all your mobile devices in the field: smartphones, tablets, computers, rugged devices, industrial printers and more. You need an Enterprise Mobility Management solution to handle all your business-critical mobility requirements: app development, managing and securing devices, remotely troubleshooting and resolving mobile device issues, gaining analytical insights into device performance, and managing your IoT deployments. Talk to us today about getting started with The SOTI ONE Platform.

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