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Workcloud Communication

Give your on-site teams a single execution and communication system for all projects, activities, tasks and messages. Workcloud Communication puts answers at the fingertips of frontline employees and by connecting people, data and workflows for a smarter, more responsive operation. You can count on improved employee collaboration and enhanced customer service with Workcloud Communication’s fully scalable suite of tools.
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Empower Frontline Employee Coordination and Collaboration with Workcloud Communication

Front-line teams can immediately find the information or resources they need to answer customer questions or complete an assignment. This suite of communication tools has what your employees need to stay in touch, including Push-to-Talk, voice, profile management, analytics and more.
Increase Productivity: Streamline and simplify workflows by enabling teams to communicate and collaborate in real time. Remove confusion and boost efficiency when teams know what to do by role and can work together to accelerate task execution and customer service.
Remove Communication Silos: Set the stage for organic team collaboration with free-flowing information and secure enterprise communication. Turn mobile devices into walkie-talkies to broadcast timely information, or send and receive emergency alerts to keep everyone safe.
Drive Customer Loyalty: Provide teams with intuitive technology so they can confidently help customers, get instant answers to questions or use GPS tracking to locate help. Business phone system-based calling means staff can move freely around the workspace, engaging customers and accomplishing prioritized tasks.

Workcloud Communication puts Answers in the Hands of your Workers

Quick Calls Create Efficient Workflows

Say goodbye to disjointed, disconnected communications. Push-to-Talk Express (PTT) is a cost-effective way to connect a small group of workers inside your four walls.
Accelerate Voice Communication with Push-to-Talk: Instantly connect teams at the push of a button. Access reliable private or group voice calling using cellular data or Wi-Fi.
Run On Your Zebra Android Devices: Get a clear connection for fast collaboration. PTT Express is designed to run exclusively and flawlessly on your Zebra Android devices.
Deploy Right from the Box: Waste no time setting up PTT Express. No server or PBX integration is required. It’s fast, easy and ready to run as soon as you need it.
Enable Cross-Device Communication: Shut down communication silos when you connect workers across departments with different types of Zebra mobile computers, handhelds, vehicle mounts and more.

Smarter Tools for Faster Work

Looking for even more ways to connect and collaborate? Push-to-Talk (PTT) Pro is the feature-rich solution that arms your front line with the power to use their mobile device to broadcast time-sensitive text, image or video messages to an individual or an entire team with one push of a button.
Communicate Instantly with Push-to-Talk: At the touch of a button, access reliable voice calling and messaging between individuals using cellular data or Wi-Fi.
Forgo Phone Tag and Slow Texting: PTT Pro offers instant enterprise-class communication that’s more efficient, secure and faster than texting or calling.
Use Your Own Device: Use PTT Pro on your Zebra Android devices or add it to third-party Android devices, iOS devices or your Windows desktop for easy adoption without an added expense.
Monitor Workers’ Location and Availability: Know where your workers are at all times. PTT Pro’s GPS tracking can spot your team on a map, whether at the workplace or out in the field.
Expedite Responses: Ensure every employee is made aware of emergency situations. With Emergency Alert Prioritization, your alerts override any calls in progress so action can be taken right away.
Create a Smart, Connected Workplace: Connect third-party sensors and applications to workers’ devices. Our IoT integration service will alert workers of customers in need of assistance, extreme product temperature ranges and production line maintenance issues, among other things.

A Powerhouse Combination of PTT Pro and Profile Manager

Provide employees with maximum flexibility for work and role selection. Keep workflows intact and minimize disruption on the front line. Use one platform on a single device. Give teams all the communication options they need to stay in touch and focused on the job.
Push-to-Talk: Access reliable, instant PTT calling and multimedia messaging between individuals using cellular data or Wi-Fi.
Enterprise-Grade Communication: Get faster, more efficient and secure communications on a trusted solution, rather than relying on personal devices.
GPS: Track and locate workers near and far, in the aisle or out in the field.
Device Sharing: Share devices with multiple employees and automatically configure each to match the individual worker’s role and needs.
Configurable: Customize rules for each role, control feature access and more.

A Single Device for All Communication

Close communication gaps with powerful Business Phone System (BPS, commonly known as PBX) based voice calling features on Zebra mobile devices. Enable your front line to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere, without being tethered to their workstations.
Configure Your Way: Purchase as a standalone product or as an add-on to PTT Pro. Get automatic buttons for phone features or create your own, while you customize rules for each role, control access to features, contacts and more.
Simplify Deployments: Plug into existing infrastructure for quick implementation to keep your workflows on track.
Enable More Accurate Calling: Dynamically assign incoming calls to the right employee based on role, for fast, accurate responses.
Speed Up Training: Eliminate the need for extensive onboarding with simplified phone features such as the ability to manage up to four different extensions and join groups on the fly.
Customize for Your Workforce: Create the best voice experience for your teams by designing the interface with features and functions that make the most sense for your business.

Remove the Barriers to Collaboration

Maximize your front-line potential with the most complete Workforce Connect (WFC) offering, packed with all the functions and features of PTT Premium and Enterprise Voice.
Combine Powerful Capabilities: Form synergies and unlock untapped potential when you combine PTT Premium and Enterprise Voice in one integrated communication platform–all from a single pane of glass.
Unburden Workers from Multiple Devices: Share devices with multiple employees and automatically configure each to match the individual worker’s role and needs.
Take and Make Calls on the Go: With the Enterprise Voice add-on, minimize hold times and speed up workflows by automatically routing incoming calls to the right department or to a specific person.

Better Communication Means Greater Contributions



  • Help Customers Now: Enable employees to quickly and accurately answer customers’ questions at the push of a button.
  • Give Employees Job Flexibility: Give associates the ability to work in multiple roles via profiles preloaded with task lists, protocols and more–accessible on any enabled device.
  • Protect Your Staff: Keep your associates safe with emergency calling, Man-Down alerts, a duress button and location services.


  • Accelerate Response to Patients: Route patient requests to the nearest available and most qualified staff member so the right help arrives faster and care is administered sooner.
  • Ensure Staff Safety: Track staff whereabouts at all times and be instantly alerted to emergency situations for a more secure workplace and safer environment for your employees.
  • Expand Coverage: Give staff the ability to cover multiple roles and departments, simply by accessing preset profiles on their devices. Such flexibility helps fill gaps and combat turnover.


  • Maximize Worker Safety: Receive real-time alerts to emergency situations, enabling swift response times. Allow drivers to use voice commands for calls and messages to maintain focus on the road.
  • Streamline Communication: Send instant alerts to drivers about new priorities. Make it easy for dock managers and pickers to stay in touch using quick and reliable communication.
  • Enhance Customer Service: Reroute drivers to the closest client for speedier deliveries that meet customer expectations–and make the best use of your time and resources.
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