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Print and Apply | Automated labeling 

We provide a wide range of configurations for print and apply label applications. We are able to help design a solution to work in nearly any environment.  Our automatic labeling solutions help industries maximize productivity while significantly lowering operating costs. There are a variety of configurations available for label printer applicators that will print and apply pressure-sensitive labels to your products. A ValuTrack expert can help assess your specific business needs, answer questions about integrating RFID technology, and evaluate the pros and cons of different types of applicators.

The Protector 5 Printer Laminator

The Protector 5 Laminator from ImageTek is a simple, yet elegant operation.  This printer/ laminator creates durable labels that will withstand harsh industrial environments. Simply place a roll of labels and a roll of laminate into the Pro 5 Laminator and printer. After printing, the Pro 5 will apply the laminate over the labels and cut the labels precisely to length.

ImageTek Labels EZ Pull film laminations protect labels from heat, solvents, corrosion, moisture, and UV exposure for up to 25 years. Literally, hundreds of material combinations are available. Applications include outdoor use, engine parts, underwater use, and protection through painting and enameling processes.

Why Integrate a Print and Apply System?

Print and apply systems are a fantastic way for organizations to automate their operations and work more efficiently. They are extremely beneficial in the shipping and manifesting process as well as in other places in the warehouse. However, print and apply systems are not limited to shipping applications. Many companies have products that are time stamped, serialized, or require a variation in every label that is applied to the product or shipping box. Any of these scenarios is easily resolved with automatic printing and application of the label.

Typical systems include a barcode scanner to identify the particular parcel, a print/apply machine, a conveyor for inducting, labeling material, a verification scanner to read the printed label, software to merge data, and communication with the host system, and shipping software as required.

Print and Apply for any Industry or Application

ImageTek Labels produces pressure-sensitive solutions for a variety of applications, custom printed on label media designed to withstand unique challenges. Our labels can be used for industrial manufacturing, specialty food, wine & beverage, health and beauty, and durable product labeling. Our team at ValuTrack has the expertise to assist you in finding the correct solution for your particular industry or application.

ValuTrack provides labeling systems across multiple industries including:

  • Beverage
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Cannabis & CBD
  • Durable Goods
  • Electronics
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home Products
  • Hospitality
  • Military
  • Aerospace

We Can Help you Achieve Compliance

Many retailers and industry-specific applications require compliance labeling. Compliance often consists of label size, particular placement of the label, ability to read the barcode with an ANSI A or ANSI B quality score, and how boxes are stacked onto a pallet for easy scanning. ValuTrack provides systems to comply and the integration services required for Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN), UCC128 compliance, and EDI interfaces.

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