Managing costs while preparing for increased demands is a challenge most businesses face when modernizing operations since complex optimization strategies can actually slow down productivity at first, creating bottlenecks that affect customers. Furthermore, while mobile computers, tablets, barcode scanners, and label printers are mission-critical for mobile workflows and data capture, they can add up to significant costs when it’s time to upgrade and replace your devices with newer, higher-performing devices. Nevertheless, studies show that 73% of organizations plan to begin modernization by equipping workers with mobile devices. This means that to keep up with current demands, organizations must modernize despite initial implementation challenges. If your business does not implement mobile technology, you might be stuck with technologies that are holding back your workforce, slowing down business processes, or could be incompatible with technologies for your future requirements. The cost of these investments could be a factor for not investing in them, however, ultimately next-generation mobile devices are the best solution to modernizing your processes, reducing manual labor costs, and increasing visibility into your operations to effectively meet your needs. 

Luckily, ValuTrack and Zebra partner to simplify implementation with intelligent and affordable updates through the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. Upgrade your technology and effectively modernize your warehouse operations with Zebra’s devices that bring features such as:

1. Expanded, purpose-built durability – Shifting customer demands and harsh warehouse conditions are why your workers need purpose-built technology that reads barcodes faster. Traditional solutions need constant maintenance, which can reduce your order fulfillment rates and hurt productivity. By choosing to upgrade to Zebra’s tougher hardware through the GO Zebra Trade-In Program, your workers are equipped with higher operating temperatures and greater ruggedness, therefore reducing downtime and operational costs to improve order fulfillment.

2. Enhanced data capture capabilities – Higher scanning capabilities help your workers maintain high performance even in varying conditions.  Zebra’s industry-leading, ultra-rugged scanners are designed to capture any 1D or 2D barcode from near contact to as far as 70 feet away. This simplifies distribution and equips your warehouse with higher accuracy and throughput.

3. Flexible enterprise mobility – Intuitive mobile computers help your workers stay on their feet during workdays to maximize user productivity and speed up shipping processes. This boosts order fulfillment in your supply chain to effectively meet demands because your warehouse is quicker to adapt to challenges.

Follows these steps to start upgrading your warehouse with purpose-built technology:

  • Purchase a qualified product

  • Submit your reclaim form

  • Trade-in your legacy devices

To learn more about this process, download our brochure. 

See how ValuTrack and Zebra help you unlock the benefits of modernized devices.

You can save money and still effectively modernize your business. Contact us at ValuTrack to explore Zebra’s innovative mobility solutions and upgrade through the GO Zebra Trade-In Program.

Explore the Details of the GO Zebra Trade-In Program

Whether it’s patient safety, checkout lines, or nearly any other industry-specific demand, Zebra has the most efficient, affordable, and functional solution. How do you get it? Easy – we’ll trade you for it. With the GO Zebra Trade-In Program, you can trade in your current devices and earn a rebate to put towards a next-generation purchase. Move up by trading in.