Field work can be messy and dangerous. Equipping your workers with consumer technology that isn’t prepared to handle destructive job sites can lead to damaged devices and hazardous scenarios for your workers. Damaged devices and hazardous scenarios make it harder for your workers to be productive and stay safe during the work day. That’s why device reliability in the field is a high priority for field service teams. To solve this problem, field service providers prefer to implement rugged enterprise-ready tablets that provide greater mobility, durability, and connectivity for field service teams. By 2025, 93% of companies will use rugged mobile tablets and rugged smartphones in their operations. 76% percent of service providers say their field operation strategies now focus on mobile devices instead of desktops. 

A mobilized field service team helps streamline business processes, improve communication, and boost your overall credibility and brand development. Rugged enterprise tablets make it easy to remotely manage your field business, reduce paperwork, improve customer satisfaction, and increase productivity because more time is spent on completing valuable tasks instead of tedious manual operations. 

Equipping field service workers with capable technology that powers their workflows is why ValuTrack partners with Zebra Technologies to specialize in creating rugged features for tablets. Strengthen your workers with tablets that empower workforces with…

  1. Tougher durability – Supplying your field service workers, utility technicians, and manufacturing teams with powerful, mission-critical devices can have a massive impact on workplace productivity. Consumer devices aren’t made for use in extreme heat or subzero cold, but rugged enterprise tablets are. The most rugged tablets, like Zebra’s L10 Android rugged tablets, are also waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof. Use them in trucks, cars, or forklifts.  

  2. Simplified use with versatile implementation – Switching between work environments is something manufacturing and field service workers do every day. Empower your workers with the ability to switch between a tablet and a laptop with Zebra’s ET80/ET85. Simply attach and detach the rugged keyboard. The tablet is fit for virtually any environment because it can transform into a desktop in the office or a mobile workstation in a police car, truck, forklift and more. When the tablet is placed in a vehicle dock, the low profile provides drivers with maximum visibility for improved safety. These tablets are 35% thinner and 20% lighter than other competitors. 

  3. Extended battery life and improved scanning capabilities – Customize and choose the right accessories to magnify battery life, ruggedness, scanning capabilities, and carrying options with Zebra’s ET50/ET55’s flexible accessory ecosystem. Magnifying these components maximizes workforce productivity. 

Rugged enterprise tablets can help your business adapt to challenging environments without compromising productivity and versatility. Contact us at ValuTrack to integrate Zebra’s enterprise tablets without disrupting workflows.

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