In today’s day and age, cyber threats are on the rise. Simultaneously, healthcare systems are moving toward increased digitization of care to enhance patient outcomes and streamline operations. This combination of events makes the need for robust cybersecurity measures more critical than ever before. Healthcare organizations are prime targets for cyber threats, given the sensitive nature of patient data and the interconnectedness of medical devices. Explore how Medigate by Claroty, a leading healthcare cybersecurity solution, empowers healthcare organizations to defend against cyber threats and safeguard the integrity of their healthcare systems.

The Growing Threat Landscape in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations face a myriad of cyber threats, ranging from ransomware attacks to unauthorized access to patient records. The explosive growth of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has created unprecedented challenges for healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) as it has expanded the attack surface, making it imperative for organizations to fortify their defenses against cyber adversaries. Tracking, managing, and protecting these constantly moving devices can create operational inefficiencies and gaps that attackers can exploit. The problem is HDOs don’t have all the information they need about the devices in their environment. Manual data collection processes and general-purpose discovery tools often miss threats and generate incomplete inventories. HDOs need to improve their device data quality and validity, which empowers accurate inventories, risk assessments, and improved security strategies.

Enter Medigate

Medigate is the industry’s first and leading dedicated Healthcare IoT security platform, enabling healthcare providers to safely deliver connected care. Medigate fuses its deep understanding of medical workflows and proprietary protocols with the reality of today’s cybersecurity threats, so hospitals can confidently connect and operate all clinical assets on their network while ensuring patient privacy and safety. Leading in healthcare IoT security in hospitals and medical centers around the world, Medigate gives you the power to secure the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) by delivering unmatched visibility, protection, and threat detection for all connected organizations via one comprehensive solution. Medigate has been awarded Best in KLAS for Healthcare IoT Security for the past 4 years in a row.

Key Features of Medigate

  1. Deep Medical Device Visibility: Medigate offers an unparalleled level of visibility into the clinical network, going beyond basic device discovery. It employs advanced techniques to provide deep insights into the behavior and characteristics of each medical device, ensuring that every connected device is accounted for in the security strategy.

  2. Precise Device Classification and Profiling: The platform utilizes sophisticated algorithms for device classification and profiling. Medigate not only identifies medical devices but also categorizes them based on their specific functions and potential risks. This granularity allows healthcare organizations to tailor security measures according to the criticality and vulnerability of each device type.

  3. Behavioral Anomaly Detection: Medigate employs behavioral anomaly detection to monitor the real-time behavior of medical devices. By establishing a baseline of normal behavior, the platform can swiftly identify deviations that might indicate a cyber threat. This proactive approach enables organizations to respond to potential security incidents promptly.

  4. Threat Intelligence Integration: To enhance its threat detection capabilities, Medigate integrates with threat intelligence feeds. This integration ensures that the platform stays abreast of the latest cybersecurity threats and incorporates this intelligence into its monitoring and detection mechanisms, enabling a more adaptive and proactive defense strategy.

  5. Granular Policy Enforcement: Medigate enables healthcare organizations to implement granular security policies tailored to the unique attributes of medical devices. This includes restrictions on device communication, access controls, and other policies that mitigate the risk of unauthorized access or malicious activities within the clinical network.

  6. Risk Scoring and Prioritization: Medigate incorporates risk scoring mechanisms to assess the security posture of medical devices comprehensively. By assigning risk scores based on device behavior, vulnerabilities, and other contextual factors, organizations can prioritize their security efforts, focusing on mitigating the most critical risks first.

  7. Automated Response and Quarantine: In the event of a detected threat, Medigate offers automated response mechanisms. This includes the ability to isolate or quarantine compromised devices, preventing the lateral movement of threats within the network. Automated responses reduce the time to containment, limiting the potential impact of cyber incidents.

  8. Real-Time Integration with SIEM Platforms: Medigate seamlessly integrates with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms, providing real-time updates on security events. This integration streamlines incident response efforts, ensuring that security teams have immediate access to relevant information for effective decision-making.

  9. Continuous Monitoring and Compliance Auditing: Medigate provides continuous monitoring of medical devices, supporting compliance efforts with regulatory standards such as HIPAA. The platform also facilitates regular audits, allowing healthcare organizations to demonstrate adherence to cybersecurity best practices and regulatory requirements.

Ready to Fortify your Healthcare System from Cyber Threats?

In the face of escalating cyber threats, healthcare organizations must prioritize cybersecurity to protect patient data, ensure the integrity of medical systems, and uphold the trust of their communities. Medigate’s specialized healthcare cybersecurity platform equips organizations with the tools needed to defend against cyber threats, providing a proactive and comprehensive defense strategy tailored to the unique challenges of the healthcare landscape. As healthcare continues its digital transformation, solutions like Medigate are indispensable in fortifying the resilience of healthcare systems against the ever-evolving threat landscape. Take action today and Contact a ValuTrack Technology Specialist to learn more about how we can help your healthcare organization take the appropriate measures to defend against today’s cyber threats.

Explore Medigate for Healthcare and Life Sciences Environments

Leading in healthcare IoT security in hospitals and medical centers around the world, Medigate gives you the power to secure the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) by delivering unmatched visibility, protection, and threat detection for all connected organizations via one comprehensive solution.

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