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Zebra Asset Tracker Lite

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Asset Tracker Lite

Asset Tracker Lite

Asset Tracker Lite is a simple, license-free asset tracking application designed for small businesses on Zebra mobile computers.

Easily Find Missing Zebra Android Mobile Devices

Designed for small businesses, Asset Tracker Lite is a simple, license-free application for select Zebra mobile computers that improves asset visibility. Your workers can locate the assets they need to get the job done – improving productivity, asset utilization and asset value.
Asset Tracker Lite is the first step in improving the visibility of the assets your everyday business relies on. With Asset Tracker Lite on select Zebra mobile computers, the solution is ideal for small businesses, it’s easy to set up – no technical expertise required. It’s easy to use – no training required – employees just walk through your facility and point and scan the bar codes on your assets. It helps increase the value and utilization of your Zebra mobile computers. And asset tracking is streamlined – it’s fast, easy, accurate and so cost-effective you can take asset inventory as often as your business needs dictate — monthly, weekly or daily.
And when you’re ready for a more fully-featured asset management application to take workforce productivity, asset uptime and asset utilization to the next level, with our extensive global partner network there is a Zebra partner with the right experience and expertise that can help.

Simple to Use for Small Business

There is nothing to license or connect to a backend application — this simple application is easy to set-up and use, no training or technical expertise is required to improve asset visibility and accuracy.

Track Assets in Different Areas of Your Business

You define the dropdown menu to list various areas in your business, such as the sales floor and the backroom, providing a more granular view of not only what assets you have, but where they are located.

Easy to Use — No Training Required

All your employees need to do is point and press the scan key to capture the barcodes on your assets.

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