The first six months of 2020 have thoroughly tested several supply chains worldwide. From trade wars to one of the biggest health crises of our time, companies have had to learn to adapt without losing traction. As enterprises get ready to return to a new normal, several industry changes continue to redefine markets such as:

  • Skyrocketing return rates stemming from a boom in online shopping

  • Supply chain relocations seeking to avoid high-risk areas while staying close enough to customers

  • Smaller workforces in response to smaller budgets and safety practices

Localize the Warehouse and Distribution Center

Localize the Warehouse and Distribution Center

With these changes and more in mind, ValuTrack continues in its partnership with Zebra Technologies to protect supply chain efficiency with solutions that strengthen operations and adapt to change. As a result, we have investigated three initiatives companies are currently undertaking to develop operational resiliency.

  1. Localize the warehouse and distribution center – In addition to eliminating the risks of unpredictability, relocation also cuts down last-mile delivery costs while accelerating shipment times, ultimately elevating the customer experience.  

  2. Integrate real-time visibility – While some change is unavoidable, several RTLS technologies can help prevent unwanted surprises by providing actionable insight into your operations. Collected data from systems such as Zebra’s Visibility IQ and MotionWorks can give you insight into moving inventory, new demands, and workforce productivity in real-time, so you can develop response plans and even mitigate issues before they arise. 

  3. Leverage versatile technology in a small workforce – While dealing with high labor turnover rates, enterprises must operate with smaller teams as well to keep workers safe. However, high demands may exacerbate the current stress levels of your dwindling workforce. To minimize stress while maximizing productivity, Zebra’s versatile mobile computers streamline workflows through one ergonomic device. Equipped with user-friendly Android-for-Enterprise, your workforce can do more with their Zebra device without long training times and complicated systems.

Further diminishing operational costs, the GO Zebra Trade-In Program serves as an easy and affordable gateway to modernization. From now until December 31st, upgrade your legacy technology from any producer to get back cash rebates up to $550 per device. 

Warehouse Organization for a resilient supply chain

As a Zebra Premier Business partner, ValuTrack is committed to sharpening your competitive edge regardless of the challenge. To learn more, contact a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].

Explore RTLS and MotionWorks Solutions

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) give you a competitive edge by automatically sensing the location of your assets and inventory. RTLS enables you to improve the safety of your people and streamline your production line, boost efficiency, and grow your business. Zebra MotionWorks arms you with actionable insights on one integrated platform empowering you to amplify workflows and transform your business operations.

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