If you’re working in manufacturing, chances are you’re feeling the constant push for more productivity. Nowadays, customers demand faster turnaround times and deliveries without sacrificing accuracy and quality. This creates pressure to increase productivity, but fortunately there’s an easy way to make huge gains in productivity and efficiency by deploying Zebra mobile technologies throughout your operations.

TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer

In many plant and warehouse environments, traditional barcode scanners can only scan barcodes one at a time. These can often be inefficient. They require workers to scan barcodes and  tilt the scanner to verify the screen.

Zebra has blown away these limitations with the TC8000 touch mobile computer. It has a revolutionary design that places a 4-inch WVGA screen atop the device’s handle, with a proximity sensor on the rear of the screen.

Instead of having to scan and tilt every time, workers just pull the trigger and simultaneously see the scanning result on the screen. It sounds like a small improvement, but companies using Zebra’s TC8000 have seen a 14% improvement in productivity per worker. That amounts to an extra hour of productivity per worker, per shift!  It also represents a 55% reduction in wrist motion and 15% reduction in muscle effort increasing worker safety and comfort.

Zebra’s advanced scanning engines allow the TC8000 to scan both 1D and 2D barcodes, even if they’re damaged, scratched, smudged or poorly printed.

Simulscan Software

Zebra’s Simulscan software also allows the TC8000 to capture multiple barcodes with a single trigger pull, such as multiple barcodes on a label or using the device as a “wand” to scan barcodes on different sides of a box. Simulscan allows the TC8000 to be much more than a barcode scanner as well. It can capture data, text fields, check boxes and other content from paper forms, labels and other documents.

Of course, delivering this kind of functionality requires some serious power. Zebra equips the TC8000 with the largest battery in its class. This battery is able to run for three full shifts without a recharge. If you run out of power, the battery is hot-swappable, so you can just swap batteries and keep scanning.

With Zebra’s PowerPrecision+ battery technology, you also get full health metrics for your battery. These include its ability to hold a charge and whether it needs to be replaced.

ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers

Beyond the TC8000, another great way to boost productivity with Zebra is its ZQ500 Series mobile printers. Mobile printing allows your workers to print labels, tags and receipts on the spot, without leaving their work area.

Ultra-rugged and designed for industrial environments, Zebra’s ZQ500 Series features 6.6-foot concrete drop resistance, an IP54 rating for protection against particles and liquids, and a military-grade shock and drop rating. The ZQ500 Series has large buttons and a user-friendly interface.  Printers are easy to use, even while wearing gloves.

Similar mobility and efficiency is possible with the entire range of Zebra products. This includes its vehicle-mounted and wearable mobile computers, which bring voice, data connectivity and business-critical apps.

These examples are just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible, so if you’d like to find out more about Zebra’s latest mobile technologies and how they can boost productivity in your plan, contact ValuTrack at 877-484-8187 or [email protected] for a free consultation.