When venturing out into the field or moving through an intricate warehouse, your team -and your customers – count on undisrupted efficiency. While the same can also be said of your IT team, it’s safe to assume they also count on your technology’s simplicity and longevity. In other words, the most efficient device in your operations is the one that’s dependable, agile, and flexible both in and out of the warehouse. Although most mobile computers fulfill this role, ValuTrack takes time to expand your options by analyzing the exclusive benefits of integrating Rugged Tablets over handheld computers.

It’s More than a Mobile Device – It’s Operational Insight Delivered

Zebra L10 Tablet

Zebra L10 Tablet

In Zebra’s 2019 Warehousing Vision Study, surveyed businesses cited the following concerns as the top three challenges within the next five years:

  • Current IT/technology utilization

  • Labor recruitment

  • Labor efficiency and productivity

Aggregating more screen space and functionalities, rugged tablets like Zebra’s L10 Tablets address these challenges head-on both in the warehouse and on the field by:

  • Delivering crucial insight directly throughout the order fulfillment process – Unlike mobile computers, rugged tablets can bring both the ease of use and functionality of a desktop onto the warehouse floor. That means you can manage stocked inventory, cycle counts, and fulfillment speed in real time while monitoring several other WMS details that may not readily appear on a smaller mobile screen. Moreover, similar to your current devices, rugged tablets can connect with your current software and peripherals, allowing you to integrate greater visibility without too many backend modifications.

  • Facilitating onboarding by allowing you to choose your OS and applications – By replacing overwhelming keyboards with glove-friendly touchscreens, rugged tablets can simplify labor recruitment with lower training times. Furthermore, Zebra’s L10 and ET5X tablets allow you to choose between Android and Windows as your preferred OS, ensuring your new technology matches your expertise and your current workflows. As leaders in efficient optimization, ValuTrack recommends Android OS to further facilitate onboarding with a familiar and secure interface.

  • Streamlining multiple functionalities through one device – As we’ve seen, rugged tablets simplify inventory management by delivering updates and changes on a bigger screen. However, tablets can expand productivity by simplifying auditing, securing communication channels, and accelerating reporting and response times, all by performing different crucial tasks through the same platform. For example, Zebra’s XSLATE is equipped with a rugged handheld scanner that minimizes faulty scans. Integrated digital cameras can also be used to provide remote support or upload proof of maintenance without requiring extra devices that weigh down your workforce.

To see how Zebra’s adaptable Rugged Tablets can fit your operations, download our Tablet Portfolio.

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