At the end of 2018, inventory shrinkage cost U.S. retailers as much as $46.8 million dollars in missing assets. In addition to possible theft and misplacements, overstocking may account for a greater portion of inventory shrinkage. According to the U.S Census Bureau, businesses tend to overstock nearly $1.4 for every dollar of inventory owned. In other words, as inventories grow uncontrollably, proper asset management becomes increasingly difficult, and naturally, assets are lost along the way.      

As supply chains become ever more dynamic, it is crucial that businesses construct a locationing solution tailored to their challenges. To minimize inventory shrinkage, ValuTrack partners with leading manufacturers such as Zebra Technologies to implement next-evolution tracking systems using the latest solutions such as pretested labels and radio-frequency identification (RFID).

Which Labels Should I use with RFID Technology?

Every business has its own unique application requirements; therefore, no two labeling solutions are identical. Using Zebra’s rugged RFID technology and pretested labels, we explore all the common deciding factors you should consider before starting your new inventory management system. 

Space Requirement:

Space Requirement for Large and Small Spaces

Space Requirement for Large and Small Spaces

  • Large spaces – Zebra RFID antennas can pinpoint moving assets with increased accuracy using wide-range scanning. Completely autonomous, mounted RFID readers free up your workforce to concentrate on other tasks without impacting your dynamic workflow. Lastly, readers like the MC3390R facilitates data capture by scanning tags as far as 60ft.     
  • Small spaces – Equally effective, many of Zebra’s rugged handheld scanners come with intuitive aiming patterns and can be configured remotely, giving your workers more uptime and ease-of-use in smaller spaces.

Label function:

Label Function for Individual Asset Tracking

Label Function for Individual Asset Tracking

  • Individual asset tracking – Passive RFID tags can track individual assets moving throughout your facility, pinpointing stock quantities and demand in real-time. However, while inexpensive, RFID tags aren’t generally meant to leave your facility in max numbers.
  • Asset identification – Serving as a much more cost-effective solution, Zebra’s certified barcodes can identify assets and eliminate extra time spent deactivating tags as inventory leaves your facility.

Surface Type:

Surface Type

Surface Type for RFID Friendly Surfaces

  • RFID friendly surfaces – Because of their metal inlays, RFID tags may not operate properly when applied on metal or wet surfaces. 
  • Label friendly surfaced – Although bargain labels can also lose their adhesive in harsh environments, Zebra’s pretested tags are designed to be smear and tear-resistant, preserving your barcodes in any condition.

Experienced in workforce optimization, ValuTrack can help you navigate through the benefits of modern labeling systems. As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, we only use the best and latest technology available. Expand asset visibility when you speak with ValuTrack. To learn more, contact a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or [email protected].