Challenged by a sluggish barcode printing process? Interested in printing barcode/RFID labels directly from Oracle applications without any middleware? Our ValuTrack specialists can set you up with the Zebra Enterprise Connector solution.

At ValuTrack, we understand businesses today are looking for lean processes in order to reduce operational time, cost and other resources. With this motivation, we searched the market for the most effective technology solutions for printing barcode and RFID labels. Here’s what we found.

How about a system that takes only three steps for printing labels instead of seven? It sounds too good to be true but Zebra technology  is always ahead of the curve and we’d like to show you how it works. We’d particularly like to discuss this integrated solution if you are using Oracle apps for:

  • BI Publisher including Inventory and Depot Repair
  • Retail Store Inventory Management/WMS

The XML reports from those Oracle apps can be transformed to ZPL for barcode printing. The entire system includes:

  • Zebra barcode printers
  • ZebraLink software for the Oracle apps
  • Enterprise Connector Transformation Engine software on the Oracle service
  • ZebraDesigner for XML label design software
  • ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise printer management software

Our ValuTrack team can explain all the features and benefits of implementing the Zebra Connector. You will be pleased to see:

  • No additional middleware hardware required as it runs on Linux and UNIX
  • No Windows middleware server required
  • Installation is fast and straightforward
  • License per server node, not per printer
  • Flexibility in changing label formats and reporting layouts
  • Integration made simple by decoupling barcoding from the back office

Imagine the efficiency of this streamlined Zebra Connector solution offered by ValuTrack. Printing barcode labels has never been so easy, fast and accurate. The pressure will be off your employees to continually be making adjustments and waiting for conversions.

You won’t have to worry about the integrity of your barcode/RFID labeling. Whether it’s compliance with industry regulations or meeting customer or product requirements, the ZebraDesigner component ensures all needs are met with an easily scannable label.

What happens to this system when your business grows? Easy. The Zebra Enterprise Connector barcode/RFID solution is scalable. What you implement now can be built on and expanded to meet future needs.

The financial advantage of this integrated system is immediately obvious with affordable start up and hardware costs, licensing and maintenance. Savings in printing and personnel time means increased productivity and profitability. One of our ValuTrack team can work with you to:

  • Identify your specific needs
  • Discuss options for hardware, software and consumables
  • Prepare a realistic budget

We know you’ll be pleased with the ROI calculations.

Remember, too, that ValuTrack’s unparalleled support services are always available. The Help Desk is manned by trained support specialists who can help you troubleshoot. If hardware has to be returned you can start and track the process on the 24/7 Repair Portal. If requested, we can also arrange for onsite service for any of our hardware supplied by world class partners.

Contact our ValuTrack specialist to begin the process of implementing just the right Zebra Enterprise Connector solution for your business needs.