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Extreme Networks For Education

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Networking Solutions for Universities, Colleges, and K-12 Schools

Networking Solutions for Universities, Colleges, and K-12 Schools

Extreme Networks provides cloud networking to help improve higher education outcomes.

Simple, Flexible and Scalable Solutions Empowering Learning Environments

Extreme Networks end-to-end cloud-driven networking technology delivers flexible, agile, scalable, and intelligent solutions to support your unique and complex primary/secondary school district. Explore how we can deliver a careful selection of network elements designed for network intelligence, ease in management, and support for next-generation learning

A Network for Modern Learning

Prime the campus network for the best user experience with a flexible network with automation, data analytics, machine learning and powerful cloud management.

Visibility and Control

Free IT staff to truly support users across the network whether they are instructors administering LMS or students submitting an assignment.

Education for IT

Relevant, affordable training on cutting-edge topics keeps IT up-to-date and empowered to easily adopt and support new technologies and trends as they happen.

Build a Connected Campus

Extreme Networks provides the technology, expertise, and support to improve the quality of learning for everyone.
Improve Student Outcomes with Innovative Tools: Drive better student outcomes by investing in one-to-one device initiatives and digital tools for more engaging and interactive learning.
Derive Intelligence from the Campus Network: Transform the campus with data analytics and automation, utilizing cloud networking.
Protect Student, Faculty and Staff Data: Safeguard sensitive institution and personal data by connecting users, data, and applications securely and at scale.
Make Operations More Efficient: Build a secure, cloud-managed network that support your data requirements and that saves operational and support costs freeing up IT for higher-value innovations.

Products and Solutions: Advance Learning Outcomes

Extreme pushes the boundaries of technology to empower businesses across industry to accelerate digital transformation and address technology solutions to drive exceptional results.


Reduce Risk and Simplify Operations with ExtremeCloud.

Network Fabric

Extreme Fabric Ties Together One Network Across Data Center, Campus and Branch.

Wired Access

Reduce Risk and Simplify Operations with Extreme’s Universal Wired Portfolio.

Wireless Access

Reduce Risk and Simplify Operations with ExtremeCloud.

Network Security

Enhance security, consolidate tools and increase visibility.


Discover SD-WAN solutions for enterprise networking.

Core Networking Solutions From Extreme

Extreme Networks provides end-to-end software-driven networking solutions that help organizations to digitally transform their businesses. Their core solutions include wired and wireless network infrastructure, cloud-based management and analytics, network access control, and software-defined networking (SDN). These solutions are designed to deliver high-performance, secure, and scalable networks that can support the ever-increasing demands of modern-day applications and users. With their innovative approach to networking, Extreme Networks is helping organizations across various industries to achieve better business outcomes, increase agility, and reduce costs.
  • Extreme Switching: a family of Ethernet switches that provide high-performance connectivity for data center, campus, and branch networks.
  • Extreme Routing: a suite of routers that support both IPv4 and IPv6 routing protocols and provide secure and scalable connectivity.
  • Extreme Wireless: a range of wireless access points and controllers that enable seamless and secure wireless connectivity for a variety of use cases.
  • Extreme Analytics: a network analytics and monitoring solution that provides real-time visibility into network traffic, user behavior, and application performance.
  • Extreme Cloud: a cloud-based network management platform that simplifies network management and provides centralized visibility and control over network infrastructure.

Network Infrastructure Services

Wireless networks are the backbone of productivity. A properly installed wireless system keeps your operations running smoothly and allows your business to maximize its efficiency. We provide a complete portfolio of networking solutions and services that ensure business continuity and accelerate innovative capabilities. Our services include Managed Network Services, Network Infrastructure Design, Wireless Site Surveys, Switch and Access Point Installation, Network Cabling, Network Analytics and Optimization, On-Site Management and Support, and more.

Need help deploying a network infrastructure for your business?

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