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Extreme Networks end-to-end cloud-driven networking technology delivers flexible, agile, scalable, and intelligent solutions to support your unique and complex primary/secondary school district. Explore how we can deliver a careful selection of network elements designed for network intelligence, ease in management, and support for next-generation learning

Expanding internet connectivity and the learning environment beyond traditional school buildings has enabled school districts to ensure equitable online and virtual learning for all students, and bridge the homework gap.

The digital transformation from traditional textbook-based teaching to digital content is allowing teachers to deliver a more enriched, engaging and personalized learning experience to their students. With end-to-end cloud-driven networking, Extreme Networks can provide the flexible, agile, and scalable solutions your school district needs.

Technology innovations ensuring high-speed wireless connectivity, ease of network management, and improved bandwidth are critical for staff and students.

Extreme Networks is improving student safety through the technical integration of ExtremeCloud IQ and the HALO IoT Smart Sensor platform from IPVideo Corporation. Although standard technologies can alert to issues in an area, by the time someone is sent to investigate, the incident or persons that caused the issue may have already left the area.

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