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Extreme Networks delivers the secure, flexible, and agile solutions state and local governments need to digitally transform and achieve smart city operations. Next-generation cloud-driven networking delivers AI and ML powered insights that enable local municipalities to enhance city services, optimize crisis management, and reduce costs. Modern fabric technology creates a simplified, agile, and automated network foundation that eliminates configuration complexity and is perfect for enabling digital transformation and smart government initiatives.

Enhance services that matter most to your residents and visitors. Extreme Networks delivers next-generation, cloud-driven IT networking solutions that enable local municipalities to achieve their digital transformation and smart city goals.

To achieve better environmental, social and financial outcomes, cities across the world are turning to digital transformation for answers to challenging questions. Extreme Networks Secure Automated Smart City Architecture achieves these objectives, helping local governments do more with less.

Streamline your network management and unlock intelligent insights to create a smart city, ensure continuity of services and a better experience for citizens, visitors and employees. Extreme Networks deliver a cloud infrastructure management solution that state and local government institutions require – built on a next-generation cloud platform.

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