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Extreme Networks delivers flexible, agile and secure solutions that simplify the complexity of today’s modern hospital. Connecting, securing, and advancing healthcare organizations and their environments to optimize critical healthcare operations and enhance patient care is something we’ve been helping hospitals and medical centers with for years. Learn more about how investing in network modernization and visibility can reduce risks, improve IT staff productivity, and enable advanced software applications for better patient care.

While scaling healthcare services to address the pandemic remains the highest priority, cybersecurity cannot be forgotten. Extreme Networks has a range of pre-validated, curated packages enabling fast, secure, and compliant deployment and connectivity of your multiple remote sites.

Cloud computing is transforming the future of global healthcare by improving network connectivity, safeguarding sensitive patient information, and optimizing IT resources with centralized systems management. All are specifically designed to help medical staff provide higher-quality patient care.

Hospital IT teams, administrators, and healthcare professionals are looking to scale healthcare services rapidly – making the move to the cloud imperative. Extreme Cloud IQ is flexible, agile, and scalable to support your evolving needs with public, private, on-premise, and hybrid options.

Technology has always – and continues to – play a vital role in healthcare. As new, innovative devices are added to your network, safeguarding patient information and meeting regulatory compliance is essential. Solutions by Extreme Networks provide your hospital with a secure network infrastructure that manages devices used by patients and clinicians.

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