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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM) helps organizations efficiently manage their mobile devices by enabling them to remotely monitor, control, and secure their mobile devices, ensuring data protection and compliance. We can help you deploy, configure, and manage a wide range of mobile devices, including mobile computers, tablets, and scanners with the features you need such as device enrollment, application management, remote troubleshooting, and security policy enforcement.
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Gain Control of your Devices Throughout their Lifecycle

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions empower organizations to maximize productivity and maintain control over devices throughout their lifecycle, from provisioning to retirement. We specialize in implementing tailored MDM solutions that ensure your mobile devices meet current and future business demands. MDM software centrally manages, monitors, and secures mobile devices across different operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows. Administrators can configure policies, enforce security measures, and ensure compliance with company standards. This includes tasks such as software updates, remote data wipes, and application management, all managed from a centralized console. By installing a small agent on each device, administrators can remotely enforce policies, monitor usage, and ensure enterprise-wide compliance. You can trust ValuTrack to ensure your mobile devices are ready for your business demands, today and tomorrow.
  • Manage: Configure devices to give your organization unlimited control and visibility as soon as devices are provisioned, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and policies.
  • Monitor: Gain comprehensive insights into the health and status of devices with real-time alerts and detailed audit reports, enabling proactive management and troubleshooting.
  • Track: Locate and pinpoint your devices in real-time as they move around, facilitating efficient asset management and ensuring devices are always accounted for.
  • Secure: Protect devices from data breaches with secure remote access, encryption protocols, and robust authentication mechanisms, ensuring sensitive information remains safe across all devices and endpoints.

Explore MDM Software Solutions

SOTI’s mobile device management software lets you efficiently manage multiple device types such as mobile rugged devices, mobile computers, handhelds, smartphones, vehicle mount computers, wearables, and laptops.
Empower your IT team to secure, monitor, and manage all endpoints across your enterprise. 42Gears’ mobile device management platform, is designed for all kinds of business devices from a central web console.
Whether you have scanners in the warehouse or tablets on the retail floor, Ivanti mobile device management software helps maintain control of your mobile deployments, keeping them secure and accessible.

The Benefits of Enterprise Device Management

Mobile device management is an enterprise solution that brings numerous benefits to businesses, including increased security, improved productivity, reduced downtime, streamlined device management, and cost savings. It enables IT teams to manage all devices from a single location, enforce policies and restrictions, and remotely troubleshoot issues. Ensure that devices are secure and up-to-date, and that employees have the tools they need to work efficiently while optimizing device usage and reducing downtime, businesses can save time and money.
  • Enhanced Security: Ensure that all devices accessing company data and networks are secure and compliant with organizational policies. It can enforce password policies, control access to specific applications and data, and remotely wipe data from lost or stolen devices.
  • Improved Productivity: By centralizing device management, IT departments can streamline the deployment, configuration, and maintenance of devices. This can help reduce downtime and improve employee productivity.
  • Simplified Compliance: Compliance with regulations, such as HIPAA or GDPR, can be simplified with MDM. The system can ensure that devices are configured in compliance with regulatory standards, and can generate audit reports to demonstrate compliance.
  • Increased Control: IT administrators can remotely manage and control devices, including locking or wiping a device, updating software, or pushing policies and applications to a group of devices.
  • Improved User Experience: Ensure that devices are updated and optimized for performance, reducing user frustration and improving overall satisfaction.

Mobile Device Management Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of services for Mobile Device Management (MDM) to help businesses effectively manage their mobile devices and ensure seamless operations. These services include:
  • Device Procurement: Our technology experts can assist you in selecting the right mobile devices for your specific business needs.
  • Device Configuration and Provisioning: We can manage the enrollment and provisioning of mobile devices so that they are set up with the necessary applications, making it easy for organizations to deploy and activate new devices in bulk while ensuring they adhere to security and usage policies.
  • Remote Management and Control: We enable you to remotely manage and control devices wherever they are so that your business can push software updates, manage applications, apply security patches, and enforce policies to ensure that employees have access to the necessary tools for their roles.
  • Security and Compliance Management: We can implement robust security measures, such as data encryption, password policies, device auditing, and remote wiping, to protect sensitive information, while ensuring that devices comply with industry regulations and standards.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Leverage in-depth insights into device usage, performance, inventory, location, and compliance through reporting and analytics, helping your businesses make informed decisions about their mobile device strategy.
  • Device Monitoring and Support: We provide 24/7 device monitoring and support to identify and resolve issues, troubleshoot technical problems, and offer ongoing maintenance to keep devices functioning optimally
  • Training and User Education: They offer training and educational resources to help users understand best practices for mobile device usage, security protocols, and compliance requirements.

Intelligent Cabinets for Mobile Device Storage

Maximize the use and productivity of your devices such as mobile computers, mobile printers, and tablets with intelligent cabinets that offer an adaptable portfolio of end-to-end device storage solutions, software automation, and security applications. Intelligent cabinets, racks, cradle locks, customized carts, and trolleys help ensure assets and workflows function in tandem at high performance and optimal security to accelerate business in warehouse, transportation & logistics, retail, and healthcare operations.

Start Managing Your Mobile Devices Today!

ValuTrack provides comprehensive mobile device management solutions that enable businesses to efficiently control, monitor, and secure their mobile devices. We’ll help your organization streamline operations, increase productivity, and enhance data security. From device configuration to application management and remote troubleshooting, you can trust us to simplify device management, enforce security policies, and ensure seamless connectivity.

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